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Panoramics let you explore the Doctor’s world

Posted in Doctor who with tags , , , , , , on May 6, 2010 by Geek Tv

You can now explore the forest of the Byzantium as well as the Dalek’s craft!

Panoramics are 2-dimensional environments you can explore online and BBC has added hotspots, meaning you can search for and click on certain elements to unlock information about the image you’ve selected. Or the hotspot could give you a video, wallpaper, photo gallery or even a trailer. The panoramics are complete 360 degrees representations of places the Doctor has visited so you may even discover things that remained tantalizingly out of sight during the episode!

The first panoramic takes you inside the Daleks’ ship as seen in Victory of the Daleks. The hotspots contain exclusive material. The second panoramic let you explore the forest of the Byzantium without even getting your feet muddy! Find the hotspots to unlock behind the scenes videos, images, galleries, information and more!

Future panoramics will let you explore the forest featured in Flesh and Stone and the TARDIS itself. And don’t forget to visit BBC’s new range of jigsaws!

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