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The Vampire Diaries: 1×21 Isobel recap (at long spoilery last)

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This recap isn’t meant to happen. First my basement (of which luckily the only victim was a bag of common Magic The Gathering cards, none of my books!) then I had to go to work and when I finally sat down to write the review my son decided it would be fun to shut down my laptop making me lose everything I had written. Yes. He is two years old and he can properly shut the laptop down… :S

Anyway, recap:

The episode was kickass, so much happened during it and we learned a lot. I also loved the Mia Kirshner’s Cold Bitch Isobel attitude. The woman was fantastic for the role! Way to go Mia!

The episode began right when the previous ended. If you don’t remember Isobel popped up to say a casual “Hi” to her ex-husband and is acting as if nothing has happened and treats him as if he was just a schooldays flirt. Alaric wants some answers but Isobel doesn’t give him anything at all. She only demands of him to set her up for a meeting with Elena and when Alaric tells her to go to hell she threatens that she will start killing off his students.

At school the day after, Alaric assigns Matt and Tyler to help build the Founder’s Day float.Matt though still is pissed at Tyler. Caroline tries to make Bonnie to spill what’s the deal between her and Elena but Bonnie says that she can’t which really hurts Caroline. Meanwhile, Alaric meets Elena, Stefan and Damon to tell them about Isobel and her intentions. Elena is freaked and Damon tells her that she doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to. Then of course Alaric mentions the upcoming slaughter and Elena says she’ll meet her bio mum. All three of the men tell Elena that they will be there when she meets Isobel.

Isobel has settled in a very good-looking foreclosed home and has two compelled humans along just for the shits and giggles. Then Jon pops up and the two discuss the retrieving of John Gilbert’s gizmo. Isobel thinks Jon is doing a sloppy job, bitchslaps him for getting out of line and says she will take the matter in her own hands.

Elena is waiting for Isobel at the Mystic Grill. Stefan blends in the crowd and Damon and Alaric camp outside. Isobel arrives and to say that she’s an iceberg towards Elena would be an understatement. She makes it clear that she wants the invention, refuses to let Elena know who her father is (at which point it dawned on me who her father is!!) an asks Elena if she enjoys both Salvatores like Katherine did. She also mentions that Elena already know the reasons Isobel wanted to be a vampire, stating immortality as an example. She’s basically reading her daughter like an open book.

Outside, Damon tells Alaric he wants to kill Isobel and Alaric obviously still cares about her because he is miffed at the remark.He admits though that Isobel isn’t the woman he married, which puzzles him cause he sees that both the Salvatores have humanity in them, a statement that sounds weird to Damon. Damon then explains the “Feelings switch” we learned about in the previous episode and says that Isobel took the easier road and that he doesn’t blame her..

Back inside, Isobel makes it  apparent that heads are gonna roll if Elena doesn’t get her the device and leaves, leaving Elena crying. Bonnie shows up and sees Elena crying, but walks away when Stefan shows up. Way to be a BITCH! Honestly, I wanted to slap Bonnie ever since she came back. Little annoying fraktard.

Jeremy hasn’t heard from Anna and is worried. Jon overhears Jenna and Jeremy talking about Anna and tries to get in the conversation but Jeremy turns his uncle down.

Damon finds Isobel’s home and engages in strip poker with her female companion. Isobel walks in and interrupts the game before Damon removes his pants (at which moment the fangirls died) Nice abs though Damon :3 Isobel and Damon both start to seduce each other with their super vamp speed while discussing the device, which Damon didn’t bring along. He asks Isobel what is she doing in Mystic Falls and she reveals that Katherine put her up to it. Well this was expected. After all the odds are that Isobel is Katherine’s descendant. Duh. The two vamps discuss in a sexual manner and Isobel reminds Damon that Katherine is a brat that would throw tantrums if she didn’t have it her way. Damon though pins Isobel down and tells her that if she touches anyone he loves (including Elena o___O- Wait what? Damon LOVES people??) Isobel would be endangering her unlife. Damon also says that if Katherine wants something, then she needs to come get it herself. AAAAAAND WAY TO GO DAMON. 146 years of moping over a bitch are enough. Glad to see you over it.

Elena opens her door and find Bonnie standing there who apologises for ditching her when she needed her the most. They reconcile and Elena catches Bonnie up on current events. At the school, people are preparing for the Founder’s Day parade, two of those people being Matt and Tyler who tries to make up but does it in an idiotic way, asking Matt if he lives alone now.

Bonnie meets with Elena to show her Emily’s spell book, which contains blueprints and spells surrounding the supposed inventions of Johnathan Gilbert. Yup Johnathan Gilbert didn’t invent anything. Nadda. Emily put spells on them to make him think he invented anti-vampire devices. WTF!!!. Then mentions that the device that Katherine, Isobel and Jon are after is in fact a weapon against vampires. Wait, what??

Outside the school, Jeremy asks Elena if she knows anything about Anna. Elena says she doesn’t and Jer spills the beans that he knows and calls Elena a liar. He leaves her and before Elena can have the time to chase him, Isobel shows up. Meh… Isobel shows Elena that she knows all of Elena’s true friends and family (about which Caroline filled her in <_<) When she stops at Matt, Isobel makes it clear that she means business and orders her male companion to make the rusty skeleton of the float fall and injure Matt.  The accident forces Matt to accept Tyler’s offer to drive him to the hospital. Isobel then demands that if Elena doesn’t get Damon to hand over the device, Jeremy will be the next on her list and her female companion grabs Jer and disappears.

Jon earns some points by being pissed that Isobel has Jeremy as collateral and demands that his nephew be released immediately. Isobel has her minions kick Jon’s ass before she removes his super ring off his finger. Ow. I don’t like you Jon but this must have hurt :S Later when they’re alone Jeremy and Jon talk about the nature of vampires and Jon says they all must be destroyed. Jeremy disagrees and insists that there are good vampires out there, but Jon tells him that’s a lie and that Jeremy’s father would agree, since it was Dr. Gilbert who taught Jon all he knows. Dun dun dun dun O_O

Elena, Stefan, and Bonnie come up with the idea that Bonnie can reverse the spell on the device, making it ineffective. Damon does not agree with this plan at all, mostly because he doesn’t trust Bonnie, who he did try to kill earlier. Elena demands that Damon hand over the device  and he eventually does. Bonnie does her magic while the others watch and hands over the device, claiming that it is ready. Elena meets with Isobel to make the exchange, but not before each woman shows they have backup. ( Stefan and Damon looked EPIC when they walked out. EPIC I tell you!) Isobel reveals that she sent Jon and Jeremy home, and tells Elena to stop looking for redemption within her. She also spills that Damon is in love with her and that’s why she knew he would do as Elena asked. Elena hands over the device and Isobel warns her that as long as she is in league with the Salvatores she is “doomed” and that at least Katherine had the common sense to leave them behind.

Elena tries to explain herself to Jeremy later, but he doesn’t want to hear what she has to say. He reveals that he read her diaries, especially the part about Vicki, which Elena defends by claiming that she was only trying to help him. Jeremy seems a bit touched by this but then kicks Elena out of his room nonetheless.

Isobel visits Alaric one last time, which sends him on the edge. He claims that she must still love him for her to be trailing him and to prove his point, he dares her to kill him, removing his vervain stash and ring. Isobel pins him against the wall and compels him to forget her in order to free his heart, because she is not his wife anymore. Plus, she reveals that her becoming a vampire was a mistake that she will forever have to deal with. Before she places the ring back on Alaric’s finger, Isobel also ordered him to forget the conversation. Then she disappears, leaving a bewildered Alaric alone.

In the meantime Anna finally comes to Jeremy and reveals what happened and that she has no place to go. Back at the mansion, Stefan confronts Damon about his feelings about Elena. He makes it known that it’s not going to happen and that his brother should better back off. Damon is cool with it, but warns Stefan that he will be there for Elena when she finds out the secret that Stefan surely knows, which is that Jon Gilbert is in fact ELENA’S FATHER! YEEEEES! I KNEW IT! I knew it since the beginning of the episode. I told my hubby and was ready to come brag in the blog about my theory but the show spilled it for me 😛 Stefan claims that Damon has no proof, but Damon doesn’t need proof as he can put two and two together. Isobel and Jon dated when she was 15 years-old, and when she got pregnant, she ran to Dr. Gilbert, who happens to be Jon’s brother. Woot, turns out Elena IS a Gilbert after all!

Isobel calls Jon to say that she left the device and his ring on the doorstep. He says he won’t let her down, which Isobel threatens that he better not, because Katherine wants all the tomb vampires dead and she means it. Then Isobel puts in a special request to EXTERMINATE the Salvatore brothers so that they can save their daughter from a life a damnation. BITCH.

Caroline still pesters Bonnie on the issues between her and Elena and Bonnie tells Caroline that she has done something bad, claiming to have done one thing when in fact she did the opposite. Bonnie concludes that when Elena finds out, they might not be friends anymore. Well done Bonnie, when I just started to like you again you went and fooked it up again. *golfclaps*

Thus ends the penultimate TVD episode leaving us with just a single one and then with a rather empty summer. Oh wait, no there’s TRUE BLOOD on during the summer :D:DD:D

Screenshots of the episode can be found on the previous post.

TVD: 1×18 Under control

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Least literal ep title ever 😛

Stefan is struggling after drinking from Elena and Damon does nothing to help him. I said it before and I’ll say it again. I am totally into Stefan and Damon’s love/hate relationship! Anyway, seems like Elena’s blood scored extra points into the yum department since Stefan is trying very hard to detox. I wonder if founding a “Blood Drinkers Anonymous” would be a good idea 😛 Drinking from a blood bank seems to be the best solution at hand but drinking human blood apparently also makes you go darker. Which is nice since it would be fun having dark!Stefan for a change :3 To be honest Stefan reminded me a bit of Spike in this episode. I am a bit addicted to Spike to be honest so I might be wrong but he did several Spike-ish stuff during the episode like vamping out during a kiss, shoving it up to the rude dude who was being a butt to Elena and finally spooking her out by suddenly appearing in her bedroom.

And hello new Gilbert addition. I loved how David Anders pulled Uncle Jon’s part. He is obviously a man everyone loves to hate but he brought the city council important info about several blood bank break-ins and bloodless bodies found recently within 75 miles of Mystic Falls. Like a spark in a dry forest the vampire-craze hunt lights up in all its glory again.

In the beginning of the episode Alaric shows Elena Jeremy’s paper on Vampires and she looks very upset. She wants to protect him from all these things and really wonders about what Jeremy really knows about vampires. Elena goes for a walk with Jeremy and tells him she is adopted and tries to make him talk about his paper. Jeremy claims he did it out of boredom or Gilbert inherited madness.

At the party it is happy hour for Stefan as booze helps him cope with his bloodlust. A man is being rude to Elena and Stefan is extremely annoyed and compels him to apologise to her. Jon meets Damon outside and begins talking about the tomb and the vampires who escaped from it and… TADA! Damon’s part in opening it. This man knows too much for his own good and so Damon snaps his neck and throws him off the roof.

Jeremy isn’t convinced that Vicki died from overdose, as is the official report and asks Elena if she knows anything about it, to which she responds extremely awkwardly. All she lacks is a neon sign saying “I know the truth”. A few minutes later though Jon walks in casually, back from the dead. The look on Damon’s face is HILARIOUS! Damon notices that he has a ring very similar to the one Alaric had on when, well, Damon killed him as well 😛

It’s a Full Moon night and Matt’s mom gets drunk (to the occasion) and onto the cougar action starts making out with Tyler who, after tonight’s episode, I believe to be a werewolf. He was weirder than usual. Matt catches them and punches Tyler who responds with ridiculous aggression.(See? Werewolf :P) The blood on Mrs. Donovan forehead breaks makes Stefan go nuts. He wipes it with his finger and after some really could self-control he breaks and licks it leaving the party.

Damon and Alaric confront Jon Gilbert. He shows them his ring, which he inherited from his brother. Turns out that Alaric has Jon’s ring which he had given to Isobel, and tells them he was the one to send Isobel to Damon when she wanted to become a vampire.

Jeremy’s putting the “diary” back into the Vampire Diaries! Yep, there’s Elena’s diary again, thankfully not with a voice-over while she is writing in it but with Jeremy snooping around in her room and reading her diary finding everything Elena knew about Vicki.

Stefan meets the rude dude again who’s being even more annoying this time round. He tries to punch Stefan but is too slow and ends up with broken fingers. Elena comes out looking for Stefan but he quickly runs away.

Matt packs a bag to send his mom away. Kelly is a mess and apologises but Matt tells her to leave by morning. Grats hun you’re the WORST MOM EVER!

Elena returns home and finds Jeremy, who acts like he still hasn’t got a clue. She goes and Stefan creeps her out appearing in her room. He then confesses about what happened with Matt’s mom and the blood and the parking lot asshat, explaining that he didn’t feed on him even though he wanted to and he keeps his distance, afraid of hurting Elena, but she’s not scared and tells him she loves him. He says he loves her too, awwwwwwwwww :’D

Back home, Stefan finds Damon who begins to explain their massive Uncle John issue but stops when he realises how big is Stefan’s withdrawal. He leaves Stefan a glass of blood on the table and Stefan breaks and drinks it.

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