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Stargate:Revolution news

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Not the news I hoped for, but it’s news whatsoever so…

Brad Wright has confirmed that he is still keen to produce more projects expanding the worlds of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis. However, the producer told GateWorld that plans for two straight-to-DVD Stargate movies have been shelved. 😦

“The only thing that is blocking [those movies] is the fact that the direct-to-DVD market has gone away,” he argued. “We were very fortunate with [previous films] Ark of Truth and Continuum to be among the last very successful direct-to-DVD releases before it all stopped happening. The market has changed, and it’s still changing, and it’s not what it was.” Wright explained that he is now exploring the possibility of continuing both series in a new medium. “We were ready to go… and the climate never got better,” he said. “But that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna happen. We have a plan B and I’ve been talking with MGM about it. Hopefully we’ll still get our chance.”

You’d better >_< I’m still waiting for Sam/Jack resolution >_>


LOTR: Bag End Dollhouse

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Skills. This woman has them

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