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Doctor Who: Cold Blood 5×09 Recap

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The second part of the episode starts with the Doctor and Nasreen walking in the Silurian civilisation and they find themselves in a corridor covered with plants long thought extinct, and find an entrance. As soon as they walk through it, an alarm goes off and the pair are captured by the Silurian soldiers where they are taken to the same lab Amy and Mo are in. Amy is about to be dissected by the Silurian doctor Malohkeh, but he is called off moments before doing so by the alarm triggered by the Doctor and Nasreen. Amy pickpockets the Silurian doctor and steals the device to unlock her bonds. Amy escapes and frees Mo. As they walk around trying to find a way out, they stumble upon a chamber where the Silurians are keeping Elliot wired up. Mo is enraged and determines they need to find weapons to protect themselves and get his son out. They then find two cryo-chambers, each with a Silurian warrior inside, although they appear to be immobile. Amy deduces that they are hibernation pods, with each warrior standing on a transport disc that can take them to the surface. Since they don’t know how to work the transport discs, they take the hibernating Silurians’ weapons instead to have something to fight with while looking for another exit.

In the church, while the group are awaiting the Doctor’s and Nasreen’s return, Ambrose notices her father’s injury from Alaya’s sting, so she goes to Alaya’s room and implores her to give her the cure. Alaya responds that she has no desire nor need to tell her. Angered, Ambrose picks up a stun gun to pretend to threaten Alaya. However, Alaya begins taunting her by asking her where her son is, and how she is too much of a coward to use the stun gun even to protect her family. Angered and worried about her family, Ambrose does stun her, at first lightly to get the information, but when Alaya still refuses, she shoves the stun gun into her stomach with greater strength, killing her. The others run in, shocked, for keeping Alaya alive was probably the only way to achieve a peaceful resolution.

Meanwhile, the Silurians attempt to ‘decontaminate’  the Doctor for analysis. The Doctor, however, is unusually finding the decontamination painful, and yells out in between cringing at Malohkeh that he is not human. After Malohkeh checks and notices the Doctor’s two hearts, he turns the machine off and uses a rod similar to the Doctor’s sonic Screwdriver to wake up Nasreen. Another Silurian, Restac, Alaya’s sister and the Silurians’ military commander, enters, however, and is adamant that they be destroyed. She takes the Doctor and Nasreen to a conference room, which turns out to be the Silurian court, and informs them they will be executed. On the way, the Doctor explains some of the Silurians’ history: that they went into hibernation when their astronomers predicted a solar catastrophe approaching Earth. When the Silurians ask how he knows so much about them, the Doctor explains he has encountered their kind before. Initially delighted that others of their species survived, the Doctor angers them by explaining humans wiped out those who woke before. Restac views such an act as justification to destroy humanity.

Just as Restac is about to fire, Amy and Mo arrive, armed with the Silurian guns. They are soon overwhelmed by the dozens of Silurian guards, however, and are about to be executed as well. Back at the church, Rory and the gang have wrapped Alaya’s body in an orange afghan, when a screen on an unplugged computer turns on, revealing Restac who shows them the others as hostages. The Doctor reminds Rory that if they bring Alaya back, the Silurians will leave them alone, but Restac refuses and announces that the first to be executed will be Amy, aiming her gun as the screen switches off completely, leaving Rory in shock. Malohkeh attempts to reason with Restac as he believes that the Silurians and humans are compatible with each other and so war is unnecessary; however, she simply orders him to leave. Nevertheless, Amy manages to survive because Eldane, a Silurian above Restac in rank, arrives after being fetched by Malohkeh and orders for them to be untied.

The Doctor proposes that the Silurians hold talks, with Amy and Nasreen as the human race’s representatives, to try to figure out a peaceful way for the Earth to be shared between the species. They are making progress, as Amy suggests that certain areas of the planet that are inhospitable to humans could work for the Silurians. In exchange, Eldane proposes that all Silurian technology can be used to both species’ benefit. As they have found common ground, Eldane is open to the idea of exchanging them for Alaya, so they open another communication link to Rory and the others in the church. They agree to bring them down to the Silurians’ habitat for the exchange, and it appears as if it will all work out. Meanwhile, Restac and a number of troops storm into Malohkeh’s lab and execute him for betraying her cause.

After the communications link is closed, Ambrose, still distrustful of the Silurians and worried because Alaya is in fact dead, decides that before going down, they should set the drill to go off in 15 minutes and destroy all oxygen in the Silurians’ habitat. That Ambrose is 3v0l D: As the group arrive with Alaya’s corpse, Restac returns with many more warriors, who she has woken up from hibernation, intending to stage a coup. When she sees that Alaya, her sister, is dead, Restac loses control and orders her warriors to kill all the humans, starting with Ambrose. As the Silurians open fire, the Doctor deters them by breaking down their weapons with the sonic screwdriver, as all the humans and Eldane lock themselves in the lab. There, they realise that they have very little time before the drill impacts the surface of the Silurians’ habitat and they all die. The Doctor decides that they should use the Silurian technology to send an energy pulse through the tunnel network to destroy the drill before it demolishes the Silurian civilisation. However, doing so would cause an underground collapse, so they will need to escape before the drill is destroyed. They need to get from the lab to where the Doctor and Nasreen left the TARDIS, but the Silurian army is blocking the way. Eldane tells them that he can stall the army by activating ‘toxic fumigation’; a safety system that warns everyone to return to hibernation before a toxic gas is released, for only those stubborn and violent enough to follow Restac will die. The Doctor approaches Eldane and promises that in a thousand years, the Silurians and humans should attempt living together once again, for he will ensure that the humans are the best they can be by then. He approaches Elliot and asks him to create a myth, story or religion that can inform all coming human generations of the Silurians and how they can cohabitate peacefully one day in order to promote this plan.

As the safety system is triggered, Tony yells out in pain. Alaya had previously suggested that he should have been dead soon after she attacked him, but the Doctor finds that instead of killing him, the spit from Alaya has triggered a mutation. The Ambassador tells them that Tony can be put in a chamber to stop the infection, but the process takes much longer than the 15 minutes they have before the drill impacts. To this, Tony responds that he will stay behind, and everybody else clamors to get to the TARDIS. The Doctor realises Nasreen is not moving, as she informs him she will stay behind with Tony, to study the Earth and help the Silurians co-operate with mankind when the time comes. As the Doctor is taking so long, Amy returns to get him, prompting Rory to wait for Amy and the Doctor as well.

Ambrose, Mo and Elliot quickly get onto the TARDIS, but before Amy, Rory and the Doctor go in, they all notice a crack in the wall, just like that in Amy’s bedroom as a child. The Doctor surmised that the cracks in the universe must have been formed by an explosion and insists on reaching into the other side to see what it holds, because explosions often leave shrapnel. He takes something out and looks wraps it in a towel. Just as Rory, Amy and the Doctor are about to finally go into the TARDIS and take off to safety, Restac, dying due to exposure to the toxic gas, appears and shoots at the Doctor. Rory pushes him out of the way and takes the blast AND THEN DIES WTF! I was sure Rory was staying as a companion T_T I liked Rory, I loved the character. And THAT’s why it took me so long for a recap. I was in denial :s And he dies in Amy’s arms too 😦 confused because they had seen a future version of themselves across the hill from where they ‘parked’ the TARDIS in the beginning. The energy from the crack in the wall soon begins to absorb Rory, and the Doctor recalls what he said to Amy in the forest at the ‘Byzantium’: that if the time energy catches up to you, all evidence of your life is erased, as if you had never been born.

Since the drill is moments away from killing them, the Doctor forces a sobbing Amy away from Rory’s lifeless body, locks her in the TARDIS and takes off, watching Rory’s body dissipate into the crack. However, Amy implores the Doctor not to let her forget Rory, so he prompts her to clutch onto all the memories of him so that he can live on in her mind. Unlike with the Byzantium and the Weeping Angels, Amy will not remember Rory just because she is a time traveller, as he is part of her own personal history. For a moment, it looks as if Amy remembers. However, the TARDIS jolts, causing Amy to lose her focus, and she is not able to hold onto memories of Rory. The Doctor finds Amy’s engagement ring on the floor of the TARDIS.

They arrive at the surface just as the drill explodes. Ambrose thanks the Doctor, since he could have let the Silurians kill her for killing Alaya. The Doctor responds that an eye for an eye is no way to live, and that she should seek some sort of repentance by making sure that her son really is the best humanity can be, in preparation for when the Silurians end their hibernation in a thousand years. Amy and the Doctor return to the TARDIS to leave, and they spot someone across the hill again, except this time, it is only ‘future Amy’, and no Rory. Amy does remark that for a second she thought she saw someone else as well, but lets go of the thought. On her way back into the TARDIS, Amy makes a remark to the Doctor and uses the term “you boys”.

The Doctor lags behind to examine what he pulled from the other side of the crack and it turns out it’s debris from the TARDIS. OMG :S:S:S:S

And tonight…. Vincent Van Gogh! ❤ Omg I think I’m going to have cute little artgeekgasms all through the episode, being the history of art freak that I am 😀

Screens of “Cold Blood”

Doctor Who 5×08 The Hungry Earth recap

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The Doctor, Amy and Rory land in the small Welsh village of Cwmtaff in 2020, instead of Rio de Janeiro which irks Amy who is “dressed for Rio” and feels cold. The Doctor notices a major mining operation nearthe village and proceeds to investigate with Amy. Before they set off Rory asks Amy to leave her engagement ring back so she won’t lose it and she gives it to him. Rory goes to leave the ring in the TARDIS while Amy follows the Doctor.
Amy and the Doctor discover that the mining operation is a project by Doctor Nasreen Chaudry and her assistant, Tony Mack, investigating the appearance of minerals that have not been seen for over 20 million years (which the Doctor had also noticed in the form of patches of blue grass). Meanwhile, Rory is mistaken for a police officer by local resident Ambrose Northover (Tony’s daughter), and her son Elliot, who explains that the dead are being removed from their graves, but there is no sign of disturbance on the surface, which could only mean the bodies are being taken from below. Creepy.

An earthquake hits the mining facility, causing parts of the ground to open. Tony falls into the cracks and Amy goes to help him but falls in as well. Nasreen is able to pull Tony free but something beneath the ground drags Amy under. In the aftermath, the Doctor explains that the minerals were a warning to keep away and that when they started drilling, the ground ‘fought back’. The Doctor realises that the ground has been bio-programmed to attack whenever it perceives a threat, which should be impossible as he remarks humans will not develop such technology for millenia. At that moment, an alarm goes off; the drill, having gone down 21 kilometres has breached into a network of underground catacombs, and three unknown entities are heading up. With only twelve minutes until the unknown attackers reach the surface, the Doctor orders the pair to take safety in the local church, where they meet up with Rory, Ambrose and Elliot. The Doctor (using a slingshot!!!!) discovers that the attackers have erected an energy barricade to prevent escape and turned day into night for their own benefit. In private, the Doctor tells Rory what has happened and promises to get Amy back.

The Doctor has the group barricade themselves in the church and sets up a network of cameras to let him know when the attackers arrive, but problems arise when Elliot leaves to collect headphones from his house, as the attackers- strange reptilian humanoids- have arrived and take him. Ambrose and Tony run out to try and rescue him, but another one of the creatures attacks, lashing Tony with a venomous forked tongue before being subdued and captured by the Doctor and Rory with a fire extinguisher. The Doctor deduces that these attackers are a new species of an old enemy; the Silurians. At that point, the energy barricade dissipates and daylight returns; the Doctor explains that the Silurians have retreated, as now both sides have hostages to bargain with.

The group imprison the captured Silurian in the church’s cellar and the Doctor goes to interrogate it. The prisoner, a female member of the warrior caste called Alaya, reluctantly explains that her tribe had hibernated beneath Cwmtaff for eons, but the drill was perceived as a threat to them and the warrior caste were reawakened to deal with the threat. The Doctor explains that the humans didn’t mean any harm, but Alaya aggressively snarls that the Silurians will not tolerate mankind (whom she derogatively refers to as “apes”) on what they still view as their planet. The Doctor tries to warn her that mankind will fight back if threatened, but she is confident of the Silurians’ victory over humanity.

The Doctor explains the Silurians’ history to the group and that he intends to go underground and negotiate with the Silurians, and tells them that Alaya must be kept safe if they are to bargain with them. Tony (who has a really nasty and icky situation going on on his neck because of Alaya’s venom) comments that they should be studying the creature by dissecting it, but the Doctor refuses, saying that if Alaya is harmed, the Silurians could view it as an act of war. The Doctor and Nasreen, who having studied the earth all her life wants to see it for herself, descend in the TARDIS, while the others speak to Alaya. They try to assure her they don’t mean any harm and that she will be kept safe, but she replies that they will kill her, triggering an unwinnable war between humans and Silurians. She also remarks that she knows who will kill her, even if they don’t.

Deep underground, Amy awakens strapped to an examining table. Next to her is Ambrose’s husband, Mo, who was taken earlier by the Silurians. He apologises, explaining that the Silurians intend to vivisect them, as a Silurian in scrubs advances on them with a scalpel. The Doctor and Nasreen arrive in the catacombs, the Doctor explaining that they are unlikely to find more than a dozen Silurians, but falls silent as they enter a cave and find an immense Silurian civilisation, stretching for miles underground before them…

And… we’ll see what happens this Saturday!

Trailer for next time and Screencaps

TVD: 1×22 Founders Day recap

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First of all. SORRY, SORRY, SORRY for the extremely late recap.

I kept my job although things are getting way frustrating over there. I also slipped on a wet floor today which I had mopped it myself mind you and am all black and blue now 😦 but you probably don’t care 😛

Secondly, the finale was a MUST SEE. Seriously, you shouldn’t just get away with a recap, sit down and watch it. It is one of the best things I’ve watched on TV.


It’s finally Founder’s Day and everyone is getting ready for the festivities. Damon and Stefan are acting all Alpha Males around Elena’, making Stefan confess to Elena about John Gilbert being her father. Caroline still has to endure the Matt and Tyler drama no matter the fact that Tyler took Matt to the hospital. Bonnie’s still being a bitch (and although you try to redeem yourself later in the episode, I STILL DON’T LIKE YOU ANYMORE). Anna finds out that Jeremy doesn’t want to turn anymore but she leaves him a vial of her blood anyway. Well, way to go girl. This was so responsible 😐

Johnathan Gilbert and Mayor Lockwood are planning to use the town as bait to take out the vampires with the device that Bonnie “forgot” to dispel. (!@#@#$@) Sheriff Forbes is not at all rocking that boat and as Sheriff, declares it a no go. John being the bastard we all know and love hate, naturally knocks her out and handcuffs her to a pole. The plan: John will activate the device, which acts like a dog whistle by sending out a pulse that only vampires can hear in a five mile radius. When the vampires attack during the fireworks display the pulse will go off, rendering the vampires useless and exposed. The cops will then inject the vamps with vervaine before taking them to Dr. Grayson Gilbert’s old medical building where John will “finish them off”. Dude, you could have just called off the fireworks display 😛

Anna informs Damon of the Tomb Vamps plan before getting Jeremy and trying to leave. The mayor orders Tyler to go home and to take Matt and Caroline along. The fireworks start and Damon finds John in the abandoned doctor’s building, but John sets the device on and all the vamps go down, including Damon, Stefan, and Anna. Waaaay before I told my hubby “I wonder if it affects werewolves too” he wasn’t convinced yet about Tyler being a wolfie but I WAS RIGHT HA HA! But it is BOTH Tyler AND Mayor Lockwood that go nuts. Like father like son eh?

Tyler is an unlucky sod as he is driving at the time which results in him crashing the car. While medics check up on Tyler (and we get to see his wolf eyes), Caroline collapses and has to be taken to the ER. Ow.

Meanwhile, John and the cops round up the vamps into the basement of the old clinic, including Anna who was pulled out of Jeremy’s hands, Damon and Mayor Lockwood. Damon witnesses as John Gilbert takes it upon himself to STAKE ANNA before setting the basement on fire! OMGWTFBBQ! Anna is dead :/ While the fire blazes, Mayor Lockwood wakes up and is shocked when he sees Damon. After Damon reveals that he’s a vampire (and asking the Mayor what the hell is HIS excuse for being down there), Mayor Lockwood backs into the waiting arms of a tomb vamp who snaps his neck just for shits and giggles.

Alaric saves Stefan arse and informs him and Elena that Damon is nowhere to be found. Stefan uses his vampyhearing and spots the commotion in the basement, leading him and Elena to the doctor’s office that is guarded by John and cops. When Stefan runs to save his brother, John grabs Elena and tells her if she steps one foot towards the building he will include her in the fire. Elena balks, asking if he would do that to his own daughter! Take that you assbutt! Bonnie comes along at the other entrance into the building and tries to stop Stefan from going in, but he ignores her. Elena tries to go in, too, but Bonnie stops her and begins chanting (BUT I STILL DON’T LIKE YOU BONNIE), which helps Stefan get in, get Damon out, and leave without being hurt but blazes up the fire for the rest of vampires.

Matt and Tyler reconciliate in the hospital, but Sheriff Forbes joins them to spoil the fun. Caroline was suffering from internal bleeding and has to undergo immediate surgery and they don’t know whether she’ll make it. If tyhis wasn’t enough Tyler needs to call home, because of his dad. FRAK.

Damon visits Jer and confirms Jeremy’s fears of Anna’s death. Damon offers to erase his memories again and take the pain away, but Jeremy says it wouldn’t help. Damon apologizes to Jeremy for everything and the two discuss how vampires can turn off their feelings, something that Anna told Jeremy earlier that day. Damon says that it does work and that’s easy when you are a vampire, but that life still sucks either way. After Damon leaves, Jeremy takes the vial of Anna’s blood, drinks it and downs some pills and apparently dies and will be up as a vamp in Season 2 :S

Bonnie tells Stefan that even though she saved their vampy asses, she did it for Elena and Elena alone. She also says that Damon has to change his ways or she will take both him and Stefan down in a heartbeat.

Damon leaves the Gilbert house and bumps into Elena and he spills all his feelings out to her, including that he has had a change of heart since he has returned to Mystic Falls and now wants to protect the town, instead of destroying it. Plus, he is thankful that Elena would consider saving his life, which means to him that Elena feels that he is worth something. Elena is very quiet throughout this confession and the two stare at each other in silence. Damon kisses Elena on the cheek and then fully on tongue action o_O WTF. Did I mention that Elena had declared that she loved Stefan and Stefan alone just minutes before? Meh. I was so freaked out that Stefan would walk in on them 😐 but Jenna opens the door and is shocked at what she sees, telling Elena to come in. Damon stands on the porch with a “WTF” face.

Elena goes to the kitchen where John is and he immediately goes into apologetic, explanation mode but Elena still remains silent placing some knives in their place. I found it hilarious that as the most hated character of the show was apologising she was handling knives xD He then asks if Elena needs help putting up the knives. She says yes, then picks one up and CHOPS OFF JOHN’S RING FINGER!!!!!! Which I totally saw it coming because they did zoom on his hand 😛

And yep, it is KATHERINE. OOH BABY! She proceeds to stab John and I can’t get enough of watching this scene again and again. The Real Elena comes home and walks into the eerily quiet house. She calls for everyone and heads into the kitchen and…………. The Vampire Diaries logo bitchslaps us right in the face :S

So now we have to wait until September to find out what will happen. Good thing True Blood season three begins soon or I’d go nuts during summer D:


Doctor Who: 5×07 Amy’s choice VERY LATE recap

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Five years after she last travelled with the Doctor, Amy is now heavily pregnant and living in Upper Leadworth married to Rory who has a very sad looking ponytail. I’m all for a an with long hair but Rory just doesn’t cut it 😐 The Doctor lands the TARDIS outside their house, ruins their flowers and seems just as astonished by Rory’s new ponytail as he is with Amy’s pregnancy. (“You swallowed a planet”) While sitting on a bench in the (very boring) village, the three fall asleep – only to wake up back inside the TARDIS. When they all figure out that they have just had the same dream, they decide that strange forces are at work, but fall asleep again and awake in Leadworth. Sorry, Upper Leadworth.

The Doctor points out a retirement home where a large number of the village’s population are living. When Rory and Amy take him inside, the Doctor seems to find something a little odd about all of the residents, particularly the elderly and creepy Mrs Poggit. The three collapse again in the middle of the room and wake up in the TARDIS – but this time they are confronted by a strange figure calling himself the ‘Dream Lord’, who shuts off the TARDIS’ power supply. The Dream Lord gives the three a challenge: one of the two worlds they are drifting between is real, while the other is fake. In each world, they will face ‘a deadly danger’, and if they are killed in the fake world, they will wake up permanently in the real one. Of course, death in the real world will be permanent, so the Dream Lord advises them to take their pick very carefully.

Back in Leadworth, the Doctor notices that all of the elderly residents have moved away from the room. After spotting Mrs Poggit watching over a group of children, he moves in for a closer look, but collapses before he can reach her. Inside the TARDIS, they see the first danger: they are slowly drifting towards a freezing cold star, and they only have a short time to save themselves. After waking up in Leadworth, they find that the children have been somehow reduced to dust. When they turn around, a large group of residents are heading towards them. The elderly reveal themselves to be aliens known as the Eknodines, small green eye stalks which use humans as hosts. Poggit explains that their race was very nearly killed off, and that they plan to do the same to other races. The Eknodines try to turn the three into dust — as they have done with the children — simply by breathing on them, but Doctor and his Companions manage to get away.

The Doctor leads away the large group of aliens, and locks himself in the storage room of a butcher’s shop when he starts to fall asleep. Amy and Rory escape to their house and fall asleep on their staircase. In the TARDIS, the Dream Lord tells them that they do not have long in either of the two worlds, and that they must decide which of the worlds is real soon. Amy stays in the TARDIS while Rory and the Doctor try to defend themselves from the Eknodines in Leadworth. Waking up on the staircase, Rory drags the sleeping Amy up into what will be their baby’s room. The Doctor escapes from the butcher’s and takes a camper van towards Amy’s house, rescuing a number of civilians on the way. The Dream Lord questions Amy as to who she would choose between Rory and the Doctor; he states that she should choose between the worlds, because one leads to a peaceful married life with Rory while the other leads to adventure and excitement with the Doctor.

Amy falls asleep and wakes up beside Rory in their house. The Doctor arrives at the house just as Mrs Poggit climbs up to the window; in an attempt to protect Amy, who is going into labour, Rory tries to fight her off, but she breathes on him and knocks him back. The Doctor pushes her back and she falls to the ground below, but Rory turns to dust when he turns back round.

Amy realises that she will always value Rory more than the Doctor and that she loves him, despite the fact that she was visibly unsure before his death. Amy decides that the world in Leadworth with the Eknodines is the fake, and that if they all die there they will be able to save themselves in reality and she will be reunited with Rory. Even if Leadworth is the real world, she doesn’t care if she dies there because she now knows that she can’t live without Rory. The Doctor and Amy storm outside past the Eknodine and climb into the camper van; Amy then crashes it into the house at full speed, killing them both.

The Doctor, Amy and Rory all wake up in the TARDIS. The Dream Lord reactivates it mere seconds before it crashes and bitterly states that they have made the correct choice and that he has been defeated, he then leaves. However, Amy and Rory are shocked when the Doctor sets the TARDIS to explode. When they ask him why, he says that it is because both worlds are not real and that he knows this because he knows who the Dream Lord really is.

The three awake for the last time in the real TARDIS. Amy and Rory find the Doctor holding several specks resembling crystals. The Doctor tells them that they are specks of psychic pollen which had fallen into the TARDIS and heated up, which then made them fall asleep. He blows them out of the door and into space. He then reveals that the Dream Lord was actually a manifestation of his darker side, as the pollen acts as a parasite which feeds on people’s dark sides and builds them into physical forms. He also says that he couldn’t feed on Amy or Rory because he chooses his companions well, thus there’s no darkness in either of them. Rory asks Amy why she was so sure that Leadworth was the fake world after he died; Amy replies that she wasn’t sure at all; she just wanted to be with him again, which Rory is delighted to hear and they engage in kiss action. The Doctor happily approves and begins to fly the TARDIS away, and sees an image of the Dream Lord smiling slyly at him in his reflection on the console. Turning, the Doctor sees no-one behind him and when he turns back he sees his own reflection.

Screens here

Doctor Who 5×07 Amy’s Choice screencaps

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I still owe you guys a recap for this. And one for The Vampire Diaries finale but things have been really hectic here, I might end up jobless and on top of that fell off a chair while looking for my copy of The Ghost King :/ [enter FML here]

Soooo here are some screencaps to keep you occupied and I hope you can forgive me for not posting the recaps yet 🙂

Supernatural 5×22 Swan Song recap

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Before I start the recap I must say that no matter how many more seasons SPN gets, I’ll always consider this the real ending much like Threads was the real ending of Stargate SG-1 for me.

Both the Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries finales didn’t want to be watched. My internet was retarded as I mentioned to you on Friday morning so I couldn’t get hold of the episode. After a lot of cursing and kicking inanimate objects and swearing at the stupid frakers who chose to mess up with the net lines, I managed to find the episodes on rapidshare and oh jolly good holy cow of internet! The speed was stable and high even with a free download 😮 I’m never going back to torrents… Anyway so I put on the episode to watch (greek subs had already been uploaded much to my hubby’s delight) and we were (expectedly) greeted by Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas. I have an unhealthy obsession with this song. It also makes me get all shivery and tearry and of course prepare the ground for another epic season finale.

After the road so far a kinda out of place narration about cars came up. At that point I started thinking that I might have gotten a fake file but then of course the Metallicar was mentioned. And apparently the Impala is currently the single most importan thing in the universe. WTF o_O My hubby speculated it is going to be Lucifer’s cage but I said “No way.”

We see Dean and Sam sharing a beer and Dean agrees to Sam’s plan to trap Lucifer. They gather around four gallons of demon blood and the Winchesters, Cas and Bobby set out to meet up with the devil in Detroit. Sam mentions that should he succeed he would be trapped in Hell along with Lucifer and has to make Dean promise not to attempt to bring him back (probably selling his soul again in the process).  Horrified, Dean refuses, but Sam stands his ground.  He tells Dean that he should find Lisa and settle into a normal family life, white fence and all that jazz. Sam then proceeds to say goodbye to Bobby and Castiel emotional and hilarious goodbyes, respectively and then gulps down the demon blood. Ew.

We get an interlude of Chuck, narrating, explaining about all the tidbits that made the Impala special, including a soldier Sam crammed into an ashtray some Lego Dean shoved up the heater and the brothers carving their initials on the car. We also find out that on clear sky nights the Winchesters beers at hand stargazed for hours. And then it dawned on me WHY the Impala is important and what role it would play.

The Winchesters and co set off to find Luci and when they do Sam tells him he’s there to sa yes which surprises Luci. It’s one thing for your resume to say you made the devil feel surprised! Sam does some epic demon killing to prove he’s ready but then Luci spills thahem that he knew all along about their plans with the Horsemen’s rings.  Dean wants out of the plan since they no longer hold the element of surprise, but Sam doesn’t think it matters since he’s going to have to battle Luci’s will anyway.  Sam says the definite and final yes and Lucifer jumps him. Dean manages to open the chasm and runs to check on the still unconscious Sam who comes to and seems ready to jump in the pit. And here I am thinking the rest of the episode will take place inhell. I was wrong. Thank God. It turns out it’s been Lucifer all along since he came to and was only messing with Dean. Jared Padalecki has some serious hot acting going on. You really see in his eyes that he goes over to the cookies of the darkside . Brrrr.

Leaving Dean in despair Luci pops out and proceeds to play with his world sandbox. Cas and Bobby want to give up, as there is little to no hope left, but Dean of course won’t give away Sammy so easily.  He calls Chuck, who reveals that the showdown between Michael and Lucifer will take place in a graveyard outside of -where else really? – Lawrence, Kansas.  As Chuck said, it needs to end where it began.

To be honest I expected a big showdown between Luci and Mike. I wasn’t disappointed with the way they chose to go though.  Samcifer meets with Adamichael in the graveyard and the two brothers talk. Lucifer tells his brother that they don’t need to fight – that they should stop letting their father (God) order them around.  Michael who’s uber loyal disagrees. They sound awfully like Sam and Dean over John. But we’ve done that parallel before.

And here comes Dean on his black stallion Impala. Dean wants to talk to Sam, but Michael tells him to sod off. Then Castiel appears and tosses a holy molotov on Michael (using my new favourite insult – assbutt) incinerating him for the time being, buying Dean time to speak to Samcifer. Luci though is pissed because noone fraks with his brother but him and blows Cas up. We’re talking meatgrinder deal. For the second time. Dean is still trying to reach out to Sam, trying to make him take his body’s wheel but then Lucifer decides to throw Dean on the Impala windshield (which breaks – OW) that triggers Bobby to -stupidly- shoot Lucifer with the Colt which does squat. Lucifer,  pissed breaks Bobby’s neck.

😐 I expected Castiel OR Bobby. Not both. Dammit!

Lucifer beats Dean up into next week but Dean tells Sammy that he’s not going to leave him. If Sam is to die, Dean is tagging along.  He’s not even fighting back.   And it’s Dean face, filled with emotional pain and love for his little brother paired with a bit of sunshine flaring on the Impala’s chromes into Lucifer’s eyes, a glance at the toy soldier  that finally reaches Sam. We are hit with a wave of flashbacks (including my favourite brother moment of them singing Dead or Alive) that show how close the brothers really are. They never had anyone than each other for their whole lives and now it’s all rushing through Sam’s mind, helping him break to the surface.  He ends up panting as Dean sits bleeding and broken on the ground and tells Dean it’s all gonna be alright.

Sam opens the portal to Hell himself just as Michael returns and tells Lucifer that they will fight and that it is their destiny. But Dean worded it well in Point of no Return. “Screw destiny right in the face. I say we take the fight to them and do it our way.” Sam obviously agrees with this statement and grabs Michael dragging him along in the pit.

At this point the avi decided to freeze on me *golfclap* I told you this ep didn’t want to be watched 😐 And I found mysefl annoyingly tearry realising that maybe Sam wouldn’t be returning for season 6…

Dean still on the ground where his brother disappeared into Hell, obviously pained, now alone. COmpletely alone. He’s lost everyone. Wait no- Cas had returned and his angel mojo is back. Dean asks Cas if he’s God but Cas says no. (shoot, there goes one of my theories) Cas heals Dean’s severaly damaged body and then ressurects Bobby.

Cas thinks he’ll return to Heaven now.  With Michael gone and God still missing, the chain of command is likely broken and someone needs to put things in a line.

We once again are treated by Chuck’s narration telling us that Bobby and Dean part ways and will not see each other again for a long time. We’re promised Bobby will resume his normal hunter duties by next week.

Dean heads off to Lisa’s house and settles in.  We see him sitting at the table with Ben and Lisa obviously pained but still in one piece. It seems as if the episode ends as the camera zooms out of the window. Outside Lisa’s house we see a streetlight flicker off and there is Sam, looking in on his brother. And the episode ends leaving us to bite our nails for the whole of the summer until we find out what’s in store for the Winchesters. Will Sam believe that Dean finally got the normal family life he always wanted and won’t tell him he’s alive? And how the eff is Sam back?

After he was done narrating and writing the story of the Winchesters and the Apocalypse, we see Chuck one more time. Clad in a white shirt he simply smiled and disappeared into thin air. My husband exclaimed “Oh, so He is God!” and I wholeheartedly agree. I think God was helping the boys a little but let it on their free will. Now that their free will has been proven victorious it is time to aid themby returning Cas and (probably) Sammy. There are theories that Sammy is a ghost. Could he be a ghost in Season 6 like Spike was on Angel?

My lappy battery is running out so I will end this recap here. You can find screenshots of the episode in a previous post.

Goodnight 🙂

Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries finales

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