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Supernatural 6×01 Exile on Main street review

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I’ve been waiting all summer to see the Supernatural season 6 premiere. Supernatural was a sign that good TV could still be found but I had to keep my guard up after Kripke said he was stepping down after the 5 season arc ended. So far I wish the show ended last year. It was a perfectly good show finale and it finished the story as it should. No cliches and overdone stuff (well apart from the impending, yet avoided, apocalypse). It should end just like Prison Break finished at 4 seasons despite its huge success.

Season 6 premiere was a huge disappointing WTF. It started good but in the middle it started losing me. The ending was kinda rushed and the way Sam was thrown into Dean’s life again was very poorly written and the total role reversal of the brothers.. ugh don’t even let me start on that. Other than that, why the fuck is Grandpa Cambell back but no Mary or John? In my opinion the Winchesters should hunt on their own. Adding so many new people to the Hunter crew feels like a violation, which might be fixed in the following episodes since they surely seemed they were up to something. What with bagging the Djins and all.

On the plus side, the acting was fantastic, well at least they tried to support it <_< I will keep watching in hope things will get better. Maybe Kripke will step back in to save his babies from this awful, miserable fate. Please don’t let Supernatural become another Heroes ๐Ÿ˜


Doctor Who 5×12 The Pandorica Opens review and Screens

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Wow, that was quite an episode. I saw the ending coming to be honest when the Doctor described what was in The Pandorica.

It was built to contain the most feared thing in all the universe.

There was a goblin. Or a trickster, or a warrior. A nameless, terrible thing, soaked in the blood of a billion galaxies. The most feared being in all the cosmos. And nothing could stop it, or hold it, or reason with it. One day it would just drop out of the sky and tear down your world.

Reminds you of someone? Well, in the words of the Doctor, guess who. And I did guess. What I can’t understand is how this whole mess will be untangled. I also expected Rory to show up again. It would be pointless to drag him along just for shits and giggles and kill him so Amy won’t have something to draw her back to earth. If this was the case they wouldn’t give her a bf in the first place ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, River was adorable old River again and I think the last sentence of the episode confirms that she and the Doctor are indeed lovers. Or not. We shall see!

Anyway, enjoy the screencaps, I can hardly wait for the next episode! *bounces*

Doctor Who 5×11 review

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I think the new Doctor is underrated. Most people think he’s weird and well, uh, not Tennant. Well of course he’s not Tennant. Duh. I prefer Tennant too but I really really like Matt Smith’s doctor as well. He’s very goofy, talks A LOT and is adorable.

Anyway that out of the way, YES I also found it odd that the Doctor seemed to know very little about humans, but don’t forget our season arc involves a bitchy crack from hell that swipes your entire existence. Yup. It changes time… Maybe it has something to do with that. Overall I really liked the episode. Craig and Sophie reminded me a little too much of me and my Mr. Man and they were cute.
I also laughed a lot when the Doctor tried on his football jersey and it had 11 on it XD. Aaaaaand how cool was how the episode ended. The look of horror on AMy’s face when she saw the ring. I think our girl begins to remember ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I am very excited for the next episode! I love River and all those names mentioned together: Daleks, Cybermen, Slitheen etc. Whooooooa. Can’t wait!

Screencaps shall ensue

True Blood 3×01

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I won’t be doing long recaps anymore, just telling you my opinion on the episodes.

True Blood 3×01 was very good. Even for True Blood. I loved all the little stories they put in it, loved seeing Sam all going nuts due to blood bond (fanservice? :P) and OMGWTFBBQ ALEX SKARSGARD’S ASS.

I liked how the episoe seemed to go on forever and then I realised I don’t have an ep back to back and got a little sad. If you watched the minisodes there were several giggleworthy moments! I think the season is going to be fantastic!

And I ADORE the Queen ^^

Screencaps shall ensue

Doctor Who: Cold Blood 5×09 Recap

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The second part of the episode starts with the Doctor and Nasreen walking in the Silurian civilisation and they find themselves in a corridor covered with plants long thought extinct, and find an entrance. As soon as they walk through it, an alarm goes off and the pair are captured by the Silurian soldiers where they are taken to the same lab Amy and Mo are in. Amy is about to be dissected by the Silurian doctor Malohkeh, but he is called off moments before doing so by the alarm triggered by the Doctor and Nasreen. Amy pickpockets the Silurian doctor and steals the device to unlock her bonds. Amy escapes and frees Mo. As they walk around trying to find a way out, they stumble upon a chamber where the Silurians are keeping Elliot wired up. Mo is enraged and determines they need to find weapons to protect themselves and get his son out. They then find two cryo-chambers, each with a Silurian warrior inside, although they appear to be immobile. Amy deduces that they are hibernation pods, with each warrior standing on a transport disc that can take them to the surface. Since they don’t know how to work the transport discs, they take the hibernating Silurians’ weapons instead to have something to fight with while looking for another exit.

In the church, while the group are awaiting the Doctor’s and Nasreen’s return, Ambrose notices her father’s injury from Alaya’s sting, so she goes to Alaya’s room and implores her to give her the cure. Alaya responds that she has no desire nor need to tell her. Angered, Ambrose picks up a stun gun to pretend to threaten Alaya. However, Alaya begins taunting her by asking her where her son is, and how she is too much of a coward to use the stun gun even to protect her family. Angered and worried about her family, Ambrose does stun her, at first lightly to get the information, but when Alaya still refuses, she shoves the stun gun into her stomach with greater strength, killing her. The others run in, shocked, for keeping Alaya alive was probably the only way to achieve a peaceful resolution.

Meanwhile, the Silurians attempt to ‘decontaminate’ย  the Doctor for analysis. The Doctor, however, is unusually finding the decontamination painful, and yells out in between cringing at Malohkeh that he is not human. After Malohkeh checks and notices the Doctor’s two hearts, he turns the machine off and uses a rod similar to the Doctor’s sonic Screwdriver to wake up Nasreen. Another Silurian, Restac, Alaya’s sister and the Silurians’ military commander, enters, however, and is adamant that they be destroyed. She takes the Doctor and Nasreen to a conference room, which turns out to be the Silurian court, and informs them they will be executed. On the way, the Doctor explains some of the Silurians’ history: that they went into hibernation when their astronomers predicted a solar catastrophe approaching Earth. When the Silurians ask how he knows so much about them, the Doctor explains he has encountered their kind before. Initially delighted that others of their species survived, the Doctor angers them by explaining humans wiped out those who woke before. Restac views such an act as justification to destroy humanity.

Just as Restac is about to fire, Amy and Mo arrive, armed with the Silurian guns. They are soon overwhelmed by the dozens of Silurian guards, however, and are about to be executed as well. Back at the church, Rory and the gang have wrapped Alaya’s body in an orange afghan, when a screen on an unplugged computer turns on, revealing Restac who shows them the others as hostages. The Doctor reminds Rory that if they bring Alaya back, the Silurians will leave them alone, but Restac refuses and announces that the first to be executed will be Amy, aiming her gun as the screen switches off completely, leaving Rory in shock. Malohkeh attempts to reason with Restac as he believes that the Silurians and humans are compatible with each other and so war is unnecessary; however, she simply orders him to leave. Nevertheless, Amy manages to survive because Eldane, a Silurian above Restac in rank, arrives after being fetched by Malohkeh and orders for them to be untied.

The Doctor proposes that the Silurians hold talks, with Amy and Nasreen as the human race’s representatives, to try to figure out a peaceful way for the Earth to be shared between the species. They are making progress, as Amy suggests that certain areas of the planet that are inhospitable to humans could work for the Silurians. In exchange, Eldane proposes that all Silurian technology can be used to both species’ benefit. As they have found common ground, Eldane is open to the idea of exchanging them for Alaya, so they open another communication link to Rory and the others in the church. They agree to bring them down to the Silurians’ habitat for the exchange, and it appears as if it will all work out. Meanwhile, Restac and a number of troops storm into Malohkeh’s lab and execute him for betraying her cause.

After the communications link is closed, Ambrose, still distrustful of the Silurians and worried because Alaya is in fact dead, decides that before going down, they should set the drill to go off in 15 minutes and destroy all oxygen in the Silurians’ habitat. That Ambrose is 3v0l D: As the group arrive with Alaya’s corpse, Restac returns with many more warriors, who she has woken up from hibernation, intending to stage a coup. When she sees that Alaya, her sister, is dead, Restac loses control and orders her warriors to kill all the humans, starting with Ambrose. As the Silurians open fire, the Doctor deters them by breaking down their weapons with the sonic screwdriver, as all the humans and Eldane lock themselves in the lab. There, they realise that they have very little time before the drill impacts the surface of the Silurians’ habitat and they all die. The Doctor decides that they should use the Silurian technology to send an energy pulse through the tunnel network to destroy the drill before it demolishes the Silurian civilisation. However, doing so would cause an underground collapse, so they will need to escape before the drill is destroyed. They need to get from the lab to where the Doctor and Nasreen left the TARDIS, but the Silurian army is blocking the way. Eldane tells them that he can stall the army by activating ‘toxic fumigation’; a safety system that warns everyone to return to hibernation before a toxic gas is released, for only those stubborn and violent enough to follow Restac will die. The Doctor approaches Eldane and promises that in a thousand years, the Silurians and humans should attempt living together once again, for he will ensure that the humans are the best they can be by then. He approaches Elliot and asks him to create a myth, story or religion that can inform all coming human generations of the Silurians and how they can cohabitate peacefully one day in order to promote this plan.

As the safety system is triggered, Tony yells out in pain. Alaya had previously suggested that he should have been dead soon after she attacked him, but the Doctor finds that instead of killing him, the spit from Alaya has triggered a mutation. The Ambassador tells them that Tony can be put in a chamber to stop the infection, but the process takes much longer than the 15 minutes they have before the drill impacts. To this, Tony responds that he will stay behind, and everybody else clamors to get to the TARDIS. The Doctor realises Nasreen is not moving, as she informs him she will stay behind with Tony, to study the Earth and help the Silurians co-operate with mankind when the time comes. As the Doctor is taking so long, Amy returns to get him, prompting Rory to wait for Amy and the Doctor as well.

Ambrose, Mo and Elliot quickly get onto the TARDIS, but before Amy, Rory and the Doctor go in, they all notice a crack in the wall, just like that in Amy’s bedroom as a child. The Doctor surmised that the cracks in the universe must have been formed by an explosion and insists on reaching into the other side to see what it holds, because explosions often leave shrapnel. He takes something out and looks wraps it in a towel. Just as Rory, Amy and the Doctor are about to finally go into the TARDIS and take off to safety, Restac, dying due to exposure to the toxic gas, appears and shoots at the Doctor. Rory pushes him out of the way and takes the blast AND THEN DIES WTF! I was sure Rory was staying as a companion T_T I liked Rory, I loved the character. And THAT’s why it took me so long for a recap. I was in denial :s And he dies in Amy’s arms too ๐Ÿ˜ฆ confused because they had seen a future version of themselves across the hill from where they ‘parked’ the TARDIS in the beginning. The energy from the crack in the wall soon begins to absorb Rory, and the Doctor recalls what he said to Amy in the forest at the ‘Byzantium’: that if the time energy catches up to you, all evidence of your life is erased, as if you had never been born.

Since the drill is moments away from killing them, the Doctor forces a sobbing Amy away from Rory’s lifeless body, locks her in the TARDIS and takes off, watching Rory’s body dissipate into the crack. However, Amy implores the Doctor not to let her forget Rory, so he prompts her to clutch onto all the memories of him so that he can live on in her mind. Unlike with the Byzantium and the Weeping Angels, Amy will not remember Rory just because she is a time traveller, as he is part of her own personal history. For a moment, it looks as if Amy remembers. However, the TARDIS jolts, causing Amy to lose her focus, and she is not able to hold onto memories of Rory. The Doctor finds Amy’s engagement ring on the floor of the TARDIS.

They arrive at the surface just as the drill explodes. Ambrose thanks the Doctor, since he could have let the Silurians kill her for killing Alaya. The Doctor responds that an eye for an eye is no way to live, and that she should seek some sort of repentance by making sure that her son really is the best humanity can be, in preparation for when the Silurians end their hibernation in a thousand years. Amy and the Doctor return to the TARDIS to leave, and they spot someone across the hill again, except this time, it is only ‘future Amy’, and no Rory. Amy does remark that for a second she thought she saw someone else as well, but lets go of the thought. On her way back into the TARDIS, Amy makes a remark to the Doctor and uses the term “you boys”.

The Doctor lags behind to examine what he pulled from the other side of the crack and it turns out it’s debris from the TARDIS. OMG :S:S:S:S

And tonight…. Vincent Van Gogh! โค Omg I think I’m going to have cute little artgeekgasms all through the episode, being the history of art freak that I am ๐Ÿ˜€

Screens of “Cold Blood”

The Vampire Diaries: The Struggle Review [spoilers]

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The second book picks up where The Awakening‘s huge cliffhanger left off, and further develops Damon’s obsessive attempts to win Elena’s affections and Stefan’s struggle to survive. With Stefan missing, Elena seeks Damon and confronts him in the graveyard. Damon claims he killed Stefan the previous night. Bonnie tries to psychic Stefan’s location and manages to channel him. It takes them a good while to realise what the place might be, when it shouldn’t <.< and they set off to rescue him. They find Stefan in a well, near death. Matt, Bonnie and Meredith insist on getting a Doctor but neither Elena or Stefan agree, claiming he’s afraid of doctors. Bonnie’s sister who’s a nurse is suggested by Elena who manages that way to send her friends away so she can rejuvenate Stefan with her blood. (Oh yeah, that’s a major difference with the TV show. Stefan DOES human blood. It is also implied that sharing blood is part of the vampire intimacy.)

Anyway, there’s the Founder’s Day set in this book and all the mishap and chaos that ensue (very different from the show) and the book ends with another huge cliffhanger: (highlight for spoiler) Elena drowns.
Overall, the series is not the “True Blood” kind of story, instead it has early teen target audience. However, it’s still a good read for fun. Don’t expect it to change your life ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening Review [spoilers]

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Something awful is going to happen today.

That’s how the first book of the Vampire Diaries series begins. Elena, the protagonist of this story, has just returned home from her European vacation at the start of a new school year. There’s an impending doom in the book from its very first page but Elena shakes off any dark feelings as she returns to school and resumes her rightful place as the “school Ice queen”.ย  Ok, first of all book!Elena is a Barbie doll. She’s perfect has everything and every boy she wants with some added tragedy in her life so as not to make her a Mary sue. To be honest being a geeky girl since primary school I couldn’t empathise with her at all.

Anyway, the school has a new student, the mysterious Italian, Stefan who is gorgeous and very well dressed.ย  And…. he wasn’t impressed by Elena’s presence at all. And that is a first for her so out of spite she just MUST have him at any cost. Elena plots and plans with her friends ways to obtain the dark young man.ย  In the meantime a number of mysterious attacks occur in Fellโ€™s Church increasing the sense of menace in the story and Stefan avoids Elena like the plague.

In the homecoming dance Stefan invites Elena’s ex-best friend/nemesis Caroline and Elena to spite him starts fooling around and drinking with the school tard/football player Tyler Smallwood and his group of friends, Vicky Bennet and a guy called Dick (who, well, is less a dick than Tyler). Anyway, they run off to the old graveyard for shits and giggles and after some stupid jokes and all Vicky and Dick run off to make out and Tyler ends up trying to rape Elena until Stefan Salvatore saves her and beats Tyler to a pulp. They finally hook up afterwards after Stefan explains why he had been avoiding her: she reminds him of someone he loved and has died. Eventually they do end up together.

The plot builds up from that point, ending the book in a huge cliffhanger that would have led me rip it to pieces and throw it on the wall if I didn’t have the second book at hand. If you give this a shot then make sure that you own all four books before starting the first.

At this point there will be the inevitable comparison to Twitlight (no I refuse to spell it without the extra t). Which is totally off since Twitlight copied TVD, Buffy and other Vampire Romance books.ย  Girl meets vampire boy and instantly gets the hots for him but he is distant with her,blah blah blah.ย  The similarities are there but Elena is way more believable a character than Bella will ever be (seriously a very clumsy and unpopular girl who has all the school visit her after an accident? Dude, get real) In fact Elenaโ€™s character would probably be a plain Mary sue too hadn’t it been for her vanity and self-centered character. However, despite her petty ways she grows on the reader as the book advances.
There are very little similarities to the hit TV show (and to be honest I liked the show storyline better) but if you like the show do give this a shot. It helps the summer go until season 2 ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stephen King’s Bag of Bones review

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First things first: This is my absolute favourite book by Stephen King. I have read it so many times since 1998 when I bought it that I wonder why am I reading it over and over again. I know it by heart. I have even been using lines from the book in my everyday life without realising it. I am able to visualise it vividly when I read it. In short: I LOVE THIS BOOK

Now that this is out of the way I should probably let you know what the book is all about.

So much for happy beginnings
The main character’s pregnant wife dies in the very first page. YES. WTF. The main character, Mike Noonan, is a writer but after the unfortunate and unexpected death of Jo (his wife) he starts suffering from writer’s block and not just your average Joe writer’s block! He gets panic attacks at the moment he turns on his word processor. Mike, however, doesn’t let anyone know that he is suffering and keeps publishing old works he had saved when ideas flooded his brains but after four years the manuscripts end and publishers start pushing for a new novel. Mike realises that he must gather his pieces and start his life again but keeps getting panic attack after panic attack.

During the four years since the loss of Jo, Mike had a series of nightmares involving their summer cottage “Sarah Laughs” (named after a blues since Sarah Tidwell who spent some time in TR in the beginning of the century) on Darkshore Lake on the edge of a yankee town called TR-90. Mike returns to the TR to discover that Jo, in the few years before her death, had been researching Sara Tidwell’s story, and apparently searching through the dirty secrets of the locals in the process. TR’s “loveable” yanks seem less than happy to talk about when and how Sarah and her extended family came to leave the TR.

The Here and Now
On his way to the local fast food, Mike becomes involved in a custody dispute between a poor, young widowed mother and her daughter’s grandfather (on her father’s side) an ancient, millionaire who has the TR wrapped around his boney finger. Mike, having lost both his wife and his unborn child finds himself loving dearly the little girl and her beautiful young mother. On top of that “Sara Laughs” seems to be haunted by several chatty ghosts, including as it seems this of his wife. Certain Supernatural events include but are not limited to messages on the refrigerator in magnetic letters, the tinkling bell around a mounted moose head’s neck, and ghost banging on walls while trying to communicate. In the meanwhile, Mike miraculously starts writing again.

Happy Endings

I’m not going to spoil anymore for you folks, go pick up the book and read it. Especially since it will be a miniseries in 2011. WOO FRAKING HOO! You wouldn’t want to miss on the plot twists of the book by only watching the series ;D

Other Stephen King characters that you may know and are mentioned or met in BoB.
(I love when writers do that ^^)
-Ralph Roberts, the main character from Insomnia
-Ray Garraty, the main character from The Long Walk
-Mike Noonan reads books by Bill Denbrough from It.
-Sara Laughs is located on Dark Score Lake, from Gerald’s Game.
-Mike Noonan lives in Derry, the setting for It, Dreamcatcher and Insomnia.
-Thad Beaumont, from The Dark Half, is mentioned as having killed himself.
-Norris Ridgewick, sheriff of Castle Rock, shows up at Mike’s door. Mike asks about former sheriff Alan Pangborn, and Norris mentions Polly Chalmers. All three were central characters in Needful Things.
-Jared Devore, Max’s ancestor, mentions Shawshank Prison.
-The importance of 19, a number of talismanic power in The Dark Tower series, is introduced here.
-A woman Mike meets in the gym is said to be reading a book by Ellen Gilchrist; this is the maiden name of Ellen Rimbauer (Rose Red)

Doctor Who 5×08 The Hungry Earth recap

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The Doctor, Amy and Rory land in the small Welsh village of Cwmtaff in 2020, instead of Rio de Janeiro which irks Amy who is “dressed for Rio” and feels cold. The Doctor notices a major mining operation nearthe village and proceeds to investigate with Amy. Before they set off Rory asks Amy to leave her engagement ring back so she won’t lose it and she gives it to him. Rory goes to leave the ring in the TARDIS while Amy follows the Doctor.
Amy and the Doctor discover that the mining operation is a project by Doctor Nasreen Chaudry and her assistant, Tony Mack, investigating the appearance of minerals that have not been seen for over 20 million years (which the Doctor had also noticed in the form of patches of blue grass). Meanwhile, Rory is mistaken for a police officer by local resident Ambrose Northover (Tony’s daughter), and her son Elliot, who explains that the dead are being removed from their graves, but there is no sign of disturbance on the surface, which could only mean the bodies are being taken from below. Creepy.

An earthquake hits the mining facility, causing parts of the ground to open. Tony falls into the cracks and Amy goes to help him but falls in as well. Nasreen is able to pull Tony free but something beneath the ground drags Amy under. In the aftermath, the Doctor explains that the minerals were a warning to keep away and that when they started drilling, the ground ‘fought back’. The Doctor realises that the ground has been bio-programmed to attack whenever it perceives a threat, which should be impossible as he remarks humans will not develop such technology for millenia. At that moment, an alarm goes off; the drill, having gone down 21 kilometres has breached into a network of underground catacombs, and three unknown entities are heading up. With only twelve minutes until the unknown attackers reach the surface, the Doctor orders the pair to take safety in the local church, where they meet up with Rory, Ambrose and Elliot. The Doctor (using a slingshot!!!!) discovers that the attackers have erected an energy barricade to prevent escape and turned day into night for their own benefit. In private, the Doctor tells Rory what has happened and promises to get Amy back.

The Doctor has the group barricade themselves in the church and sets up a network of cameras to let him know when the attackers arrive, but problems arise when Elliot leaves to collect headphones from his house, as the attackers- strange reptilian humanoids- have arrived and take him. Ambrose and Tony run out to try and rescue him, but another one of the creatures attacks, lashing Tony with a venomous forked tongue before being subdued and captured by the Doctor and Rory with a fire extinguisher. The Doctor deduces that these attackers are a new species of an old enemy; the Silurians. At that point, the energy barricade dissipates and daylight returns; the Doctor explains that the Silurians have retreated, as now both sides have hostages to bargain with.

The group imprison the captured Silurian in the church’s cellar and the Doctor goes to interrogate it. The prisoner, a female member of the warrior caste called Alaya, reluctantly explains that her tribe had hibernated beneath Cwmtaff for eons, but the drill was perceived as a threat to them and the warrior caste were reawakened to deal with the threat. The Doctor explains that the humans didn’t mean any harm, but Alaya aggressively snarls that the Silurians will not tolerate mankind (whom she derogatively refers to as “apes”) on what they still view as their planet. The Doctor tries to warn her that mankind will fight back if threatened, but she is confident of the Silurians’ victory over humanity.

The Doctor explains the Silurians’ history to the group and that he intends to go underground and negotiate with the Silurians, and tells them that Alaya must be kept safe if they are to bargain with them. Tony (who has a really nasty and icky situation going on on his neck because of Alaya’s venom) comments that they should be studying the creature by dissecting it, but the Doctor refuses, saying that if Alaya is harmed, the Silurians could view it as an act of war. The Doctor and Nasreen, who having studied the earth all her life wants to see it for herself, descend in the TARDIS, while the others speak to Alaya. They try to assure her they don’t mean any harm and that she will be kept safe, but she replies that they will kill her, triggering an unwinnable war between humans and Silurians. She also remarks that she knows who will kill her, even if they don’t.

Deep underground, Amy awakens strapped to an examining table. Next to her is Ambrose’s husband, Mo, who was taken earlier by the Silurians. He apologises, explaining that the Silurians intend to vivisect them, as a Silurian in scrubs advances on them with a scalpel. The Doctor and Nasreen arrive in the catacombs, the Doctor explaining that they are unlikely to find more than a dozen Silurians, but falls silent as they enter a cave and find an immense Silurian civilisation, stretching for miles underground before them…

And… we’ll see what happens this Saturday!

Trailer for next time and Screencaps

Pain of Salvation: Road Salt One Lim. Ed review

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I finally hold Road Salt One (or Ivory which used to be its title and I prefer to call it that) in my hands (and I like it so much that I want to eat it :P) and must say that it is a fantastic album. Road Salt is pervier than any previous works of PoS and full of soul despite the light hearted attitude it seems to have at the first listen. Then (much like Scarsick‘s Disco Queen) when you start paying REAL attention at the lyrics it all starts to sink in and take shape. You gotta turn things around to reveal their true nature ๐Ÿ˜‰

It must be me but some parts of it reminded me of feelings that BE brings to me so that’s a huge compliment for the album ๐Ÿ™‚ I must say the booklet is gorgeous.

“What she means to me”

More an intro than a song that sounds alien at first but when “No way” begins it feels like an answer to the first song ๐Ÿ˜€ No way has some fantastic lyrics and Daniel Gildenlow does amazing things with his voice in this album.

“She likes to hide” is a song that takes you back in time. It’s a mix of blues meets PoS for jamming and the melody follows you around for hours after ๐Ÿ˜€

“Sisters” is the first great big shiny diamond of the album. Not that the previous songs are bad but “Sisters” rips my soul to shreds, duct tapes me up again and then tosses me down a cliff. The piano is haunting and beautiful and it feels like a soundtrack to a very sad love story. I cried a lot when I first listened to this song. I still cry ocassionally…

“Of Dust” is the next big shiny crazy diamond. It’s kind of a chant/gospel like song(It rings a “Nauticus” bell) that has some heartbreaking lyrics. There’s also a spoken part in it which PoS considered removing and to be honest I’m very glad they didn’t. “Of Dust” is a song that’s not made for single material but comes back to haunt you when you least expect it.

“Tell me you don’t know” is another time machine song. White Stripes meet the Doors and then Join PoS in their jamming sessions to give us this light hearted song. /loves

“Sleeping Under the Stars” is the weirdest song of the album. “Wait, darling wait for that sound of electric guitars” it starts but guitars are nowhere to be heard on this song! There are some nifty alien (to rock and metal music) instruments though, like mandolin :3 This is a road dirty song that also has a melody that sticks around afterwards.

“Darkness of mine” is an on and off song starts low then rises in the chorus then goes low again and has nifty lyrics!

“Linoleum” is the known and love same song we listened on the same titled EP of 2009. Daniel’s vocals impress me more and more with each album. Linoleum, although I can’t consider it a new song is my next big shiny diamond.

“Curiosity” is the most perv song of the album. It might sound vulgar but it is obviously played with a humouristic attitude and if you’re offended by it I’m sorry but your humour sense is broken. Go buy a new one.
“You say love is divine well baby, so is mine
See, the only time I hear you take the name of the Lord, is when you’re tied to the bed with your face against the headboard
So, do you take it in vain? Then why would you take it again and again?”

“Where it hurts” is a great ballad with breathtaking lyrics and a very promising, soon to come videoclip. Another road diamond.

“Road Salt” is another song I already knew due to its participation in Melodifestivalen (Eurovision). EV is an extremely shallow contest though so songs with heart and soul rarely belong in it. Lovely diamond I relate greatly to. I think I prefer the Eurovision version but that might just be because I got used to it since March.

Finishing with “Innocence” which is a song several people found boring and uninteresting but I really love it. It’s shorter than the usual ending track of PoS but that might as well be because this album is only part one and was conceived as a double album. Maybe that’s why it felt so small in the first place.

I would like it to be a bit longer. The songs are shorter than what PoS got us used to but they don’t lack greatness ๐Ÿ™‚

If I have one wish for the future of PoS is to keep making albums like Road salt 1 ๐Ÿ™‚

In conclusion, Road Salt contains 13 songs, 5 of which are HUGE DIAMONDS and the rest are fantastic as well. If you like Pain of Salvation and beieve that progressive music should be static then you’re a dork and shouldn’t listen to this. If you don’t mind experimentation and pushing one’s limits then you’re going to cherish Road Salt.

I belong to the second group.

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