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My top10+2 scariest movies

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You’ll see that my top 10 list is mainly dominated by Stephen King adaptations. I might have forgotten some films but those are the ones that come to mind when I think of scary sh*t. Keep in mind I haven’t watched a lot of the classics, hence they didn’t make this list. I’ll try and compile a book list too but I guess most of it would be Poe and King so… 😛

  1. Silent Hill: “Look at me! I’m burning!” For the first time in my life I was ready to get up and leave the theatre. It was so good though that I sat there and kept watching. And then I bought the DVD.
  2. Recycle: I didn’t really understand the whole lot of it but it was pretty fraked up and scary, the way only the Pang bros can do it.
  3. Rosemary’s baby: The book was way creepier but it was the movie that made me swear I would NEVER have children. I changed my mind later of course but I was scarred for several years.
  4. Salem’s Lot: Again, the book was scarier but the movie really really deserves a spot on my list. Somehow, even for a vampire lover like me, a whole town of vampires (and not at all like the fairy twitlike ones) isn’t a very pleasant thought
  5. Child’s Play: Oh you bet I locked all my humanoid dolls in the attic after this… I wonder why my mum let me watch all this sh*t 😛
  6. 28 Days later: “Hi, I’m your neighbour. I’m gonna rip you apart now, k?” Yep. Scary as frak.
  7. Alien Films (ALL of them): ALIEN. FRAKING ALIEN. FRIGGING FRAKING ALIEN. I think I told you before that I LOATHE the “Alien” franchise not for any other reason than that I watched it very young and it gave me plenty of nightmares/made me scream my head off in a full theater *dies of embarassment*
  8. The Shining: Surprisingly, NOT the Stanley Kubrick version but the 1997 one. Although Jacko was fantastic as Jack Torrance (again the book… brrrr) I really disliked Shelley Duvall as Wendy. I really adored the mini series version though. King’s books are way better as mini series because they NEED the amount of detail the horror master puts in his writings.
  9. The Mist: “There’s something in the mist. Shut the doors!”  Monsters in the mist?Frak yeah ! Thank you Mr. King for another sleepless night.
  10. Pan’s Labyrinth: When you expet a fairytale and you get this, it’s fairly certain you’ll sh*t bricks 😛
  11. Kingdom Hospital: Again a mini series but it was so good it actually made me freak out when my husband started talking in his sleep. I thought he was possessed :Pp
  12. Godsend: For some reason this movie scared me to the point of hiding under the blanket. I still have no clue why.


Of course the scariest movies I’ve ever watched were Twitlight, Epic Movie and Dungeons& Dragons. But those were scary the bad way. They were so crappy that I almost cried myself to sleep. Clicking the links above might make your computer shut down in protest.

Which are the movies that scared you the most?


‘The Vampire Diaries’& ‘True Blood’ Stars Reveal Their Favourite Scary Flicks

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The Hollywood Reporter wants to know what films frightened the stars from The Vampire Diaries, Paranormal Activity and True Blood.

For True Blood’Rutina Wesley, her fear of spiders is nothing compared to being on set this past season.

“It was scary being on set with some of the animals,” said Wesley, who noted that ArachnophobiaFriday the 13th and Psycho gave her the creeps. “They were gentle as can be but just the fact that you’re on with hybrid wolves is a little scary.”

But what gives Wesley’s co-star Sam Trammell nightmares?

“Something like Paranormal I haven’t even seen the end of,” Trammell said. “That kind of thing is really scary so I watch it in pieces. I love Dario Argento. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is still horrifying to me because it’s so faux-documentary, it’s so scrappy, it’s horrifying.”

True Blood actress Kristin Bauer’s fears are slightly more realistic.

“When I had the fight scene with Stephen Moyer [Bill] I really just had to go for it and snarl and make guttural sounds that felt so ridiculous,” she said. “Every time they said cut, I said, “Really? Do I look ridiculous?’ That was the scariest day. Stephen helped me through it.”

Nina Dobrev, who plays two characters on The Vampire Diaries, says that’s nothing compared to her fear of blood.

“Ironically enough, I’m very squeamish when it comes to blood,” said Dobrev, who noted that The Ring and the Saw movies “terrify” her. “Even on set, there was a scene I had to do where I cut my wrist on camera and it took every little bit of energy and strength that I had because your veins are so exposed. Every person is so fragile and it’s so easy to get hurt, it just freaks me out.”

Her Vampire Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder agrees with Featherston on Candyman.

“I don’t watch that much scary stuff now, but when I was a kid the Freddy Krueger movies and Candyman used to scare the s*** out of me,” he said. “We’re adults now and it still holds up.”

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