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The Vampire Diaries season 2 premiere tomorrow!

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Tomorrow, tomorrow my darling tomorrow *sings*
See a very big preview on TVD facebook page

Episode synopsis for The Return and episode stills

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We’ve got a full episode synopsis for The Return courtesy of Vampire Diaries Source and an episode still featuring Katherine from Nina Dobrev Network. Gotta say, with Katherine looking like this you’re not going to confuse Elena and Katherine, even if Nina is playing them both!

KATHERINE HAS RETURNED WITH A VENGEANCE — Picking up on the same night as last season’s finale, Elena arrives home to a nightmare as she discovers Uncle John’s and Jeremy’s fate. At the hospital, Sheriff Forbes is comforted by Matt, Bonnie and Damon while she waits to hear if Caroline will survive the car accident. After a confusing conversation with Elena about the night’s events, Damon is the first to realize that Katherine has returned. Katherine’s arrival sends Stefan and Damon on a path to find out what she wants, why she’s back, and how much of a threat she is to the people they love. Meanwhile, still reeling from his father’s death, Tyler is surprised when his charming and mysterious uncle, Mason Lockwood, arrives to console the family.

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Promotional Photo & trailer

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Thanks to Nina Dobrev Network for posting the newest promotional photo for season 2 of The Vampire Diaries.

TVD: Season 2 promo photo

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Ηere is a new promotional photo of Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley. I’ve also included the sell sheet with the same photo courtesy of SpoilerTV.

Summary for Vampire Diaries season 2 + paired with Nikita on Thursdays

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Thanks to Michael Ausiello, we have an “official” summary for Vampire Diaries season two.

And  courtesy of the CW, the full TVD write-up via the Blog…

Returning for its second season, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is the story of two vampire brothers obsessed with the same beautiful girl, and battling to control the fate of an entire town. During season one, Stefan and Damon Salvatore returned to their hometown of Mystic Falls, Virginia, for very different reasons − Stefan was determined to get to know Elena Gilbert, who bears a striking resemblance to Katherine Pierce, the beautiful but ruthless vampire the brothers knew and loved in 1864, while Damon was intent on releasing Katherine from the tomb where he believed she was trapped by a witch’s spell all those years ago. At the end of season one, Elena’s uncle set a plan in motion that brought the Founder’s Day celebration to an end amid chaos, destruction and death, and saw the return of the vengeful Katherine Pierce. Next season, the appearance of the villainous Katherine in Mystic Falls throws a wrench into the love triangle between Stefan, Elena and Damon, and the other residents of Mystic Falls must choose sides as they fall victim to a new breed of danger. New and unexpected friendships will be forged, allies will become enemies, and hearts will be broken. Stefan and Damon will be forced to face a villain more evil and diabolical than they ever believed possible. And they’ll take their shirts off. Frequently .

And along with the summary comes the CW’s 2010-2011 fall schedule, which reveals Vampire Diaries is now paired with newcomer Nikita on Thursday nights.

I am still a bit upset Supernatural was moved to Fridays… After all Castiel is the Thursday angel 😦

Win True Blood’s season 2 on DVD!

Posted in True Blood with tags , , , , , , , , on May 21, 2010 by Geek Tv has a contest where you can win season 2 on DVD!

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