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The Vampire Diaries 2×02 screencaps

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The Vampire Diaries 2×01 Screencaps

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TVD: 1×21 Isobel promo

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Sing your fangs into this promo! It’s full of spoilers 😛

The Vampire Diaries Season finale synopsis

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Founder’s Day has finally arrived, and everyone is busy with last-minute preparations for floats and fireworks.  Stefan is uncomfortable with Damon’s new attitude toward Elena, but Elena is more concerned about repairing her relationship with Jeremy.  Jeremy is worried about Anna, but not sure he’s on board with her latest plan for the future.  While Caroline is enjoying her day as Queen of the celebration, she also tries to help Matt and Tyler get their friendship back on track.  Finally, although Damon and Alaric do their best to stop him, Johnathan Gilbert sets a plan in motion that brings Founder’s Day to an end amid chaos, destruction and death. Marcos Siega directed the episode written by Bryan Oh & Andrew Chambliss


The Vampire Diaries 1×19: Miss Mystic Falls recap

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Stefan arrives at school all Beverly Hills bouncy bouncy and Elena is a bit suspicious but Stefan tell her he’s fine again. Of course if you remember the end of the last episode you know this is an outright lie. Sure enough Stefan opens his lunchbox trunk and we see he has stocked up nicely on blood from the blood bank. The fact that he doesn’t have it in a freezer is either a props error or means that Stefan drinks a heckload of the stuff.

In the meantime Damon meets with Sheriff Forbes and Jon Gilbert (I hate this dude. His face has a punch-me factor), who fill him in about the Mystic Falls Blood Bank being pillaged. Jon suggests that he and Damon work together on the case much to Damon’s enthusiasm. Not!

Bonnie returns and she’s being such a cold bitch hag to Elena that I wanna do her face in. As much as I’ve missed you wtf with you being all distant and stuff? >:/ Elena tries to talk to her after class but Bonnie tries to avoid her. Then Caroline steps in and reveals that Bonnie and her talked everyday on the phone. She also reminds Elena that they have to get ready for the Miss Mystic Falls pageant and Elena has completely forgot about it.  Caroline hopes Elena will drop out (“more chances for me, yay!”) but Elena says it was her mother’s wish she took part in it.

Anna stops by the Salvatore estate to apologise for the dumass vampire expedition of capturing Stefan but Damon is not convinced and tells Anna to tell Pearl and her lackeys to stop stealing blood from the hospital. Anna is confused since, duh, the vamps were kicked out by Pearl (bar Harper) so they sure were not stealing blood. Damon confronts Stefan, asking him if he’s still on human blood but Stefan denies it. He is later asked by Elena to be her escort at the Miss Mystic Falls Ball.

Stefan goes down in the basement to get some blood from his secret freezer but is caught red handed (quite literally) by Damon who asks if Elena knows of his new endeavours. Stefan tells him to leave Elena out of it. Meanwhile some ladies interview the candidates for Miss Mystic Falls (Elena, Caroline and some other girls) and it seems Caroline has been really busy with doing stuff around the event.

Damon is visited by Jon Gilbert, who is looking for an invention from the Jonathan Gilbert sr sr that is supposedly lost in the Fell’s Church fire. It is revealed that is Pearl who had the invention and Jon tries to blackmail Damon into helping him find it. Damon though reveals that he was only taking Jon’s crap so as to go back to Katherine. He now knows though that Jon knows jack about Katherine’s whereabouts since Katherine and Pearl were best friends and Jon didn’t know.

While practicing the intro dance, Elena is enjoying Stefan’s new jolly self still oblivious to the fact that Stefan is on smiley drugs that make him so fun to be around. Bonnie arrives with Caroline and Bonnie is not thrilled to see either of Elena or Stefan, but agrees to a quick talk with Elena in private after Elena asks her. Turns out that Bonnie blames the Salvatores for her gran’s death (who apparently died for nothing since the vampires still escaped from the tomb). Bonnie tells Elena that she can’t pretend that nothing happened, but will not make Elena choose sides.

Stefan leaves school and goes blood-nuts when he gets close to an injured player on the basketball court. Trying to control himself he almost bites Alaric’s head off who approached him from behind. He quickly aplogises but Alaric seems concerned.

Alaric goes to pick up Jenna and Elena for the ball, but not Jonathan.(ha-ha *does her best Nelson imitation*) He asks Elena about Stefan’s odd behaviour and Elena supposes it is because of what he went through. Damon sees Anna ( who wore a FANTASTIC AND AWESOME pair of earrings </want>) at the ball and approaches her to talk about Jonathan Gilbert’s(sr sr)  invention and tells her that if she finds it before Jon Gilbert they can buy “a welcome mat”. Jeremy talks with Jon and brings up the journal of Jon sr sr and the contents within the pages. Jon is very surprised by Jeremy’s knowledge of the journal(s) (yes there are more than one apparently tucked away) but acts as if he doesn’t know anything when Jeremy asks if Jon thought the journals were telling the truth. Jeremy then notices Anna and runs off to meet her.

Elena is getting ready and as she goes to put on her (very pretty) dress meetss into Amber who is very jittery and nervous about the event and runs off to get some air. Damon comes in and snitches on about Stefan’s recent diet changes. Elena is a dumbstruck and Damon explains that Stefan is in bad shape because he never learnt to really control his bloodlust and now that he really needs to is in deep trouble. Stefan walks in on them and Damon leaves them. Elena says how disappointed she is. Stefan says he is fine, but she doesn’t believe him. STefan goes to the bathroom and breaks the mirror in a not-seen before bloodlust/craving induced rage. He vamps out and then Amber walks in on him. Oops. Poor Amber, did you sign for a second episode?

Jeremy tries to be friendly to Anna but she is still a bit miffed about him using her to try to get to Vicki. Jeremy tells her that he knows about Anna’s plan to feed him to Pearl. He also tells her about everything he learned through Elena’s diary and declares that he will hide stuff from Elena since she’s hiding so much from him. Anna tells him that he has grown on her. In the meantime that annoying annoying man is eavesdropping on them. >:/

Elena and Caroline are waiting to be called to the floor, Elena freaks out when she doesn’t see Stefan below and wants to drop out but Caroline doesn’t let her and reminds her that she is doing this for her mother. Good girl Caroline 🙂 You’re not as shallow as I thought, here’s a cookie for you!

Stefan compels Amber, freaks out and starts a monologue at Amber telling her that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Amber asks if he plans to hurt her and he answers that he wants to kill her. AMAGAD, not expected from you dear Stefan but it’s nice to have some real vampire action out there ^^ He then says “just one taste” and indulges into his bloodlust.

At the ball Elena is called and is about to remain escortless but Damon steps in.( go go Damon!) They start the non-touch dance to a really corny song. Their chemistry was fantastic and if Stefan goes down the bad road eventually I *cough* foresee something inbetween Damon and Elena. I should note here that I haven’t read the books so I don’t know if Damon and Elena ever get couply.

The winner of Miss Mystic Falls is announced and it is Caroline Forbes! It didn’t really comes as a surprise to me because I honestly would find it horribly cliched if Elena won and TVD hasn’t yet disappointed me with silly cliches. Caroline  is very excited since she didn’t think she was going to win. Her mom however, is not there as she and Jon have just found the bloody broken mirror in the bathroom. Damon is called to help with the investigation and I savour the irony of it all once again.

Stefan compels Amber again, this time to make her fear him and run for her life. Damon tells Elena what happened and Bonnie is eavesdropping on them and when Damon and Elena leave the ball to find Stefan, Bonnie tails them. Stefan changes his mind and catches Amber and feeds on her again but is caught by Damon, Elena, and Bonnie. Damon tries torestrain his brother but SURPRISE! Stefan is now very strong and throws Damon off as if he was a doll. Suddenly STefan goes all spastic and we see that it is Bonnie who’s projecting some mental power onto him without as much as an effort! Stefan comes to his senses and horrified of what he did he flees.

The Sheriff asks Elena, Damon, and Bonnie if they saw anything, but they all say they saw nothing. Elena tries to talk to Bonnie but Bonnie asks her to leave her the alone. Ow ow ow 😐

Jon is being nosy about Anna and asks Jenna about her. Jenna tells him that Pearl is Anna’s mother and that they are the ones who want to buy Dr. Grayson’s building. Jon seems quite enthusiastic about it. I hate this man more and more. Really.  Elena runs into Alaric who asks her what’s wrong. Damon runs into Anna and Pearl and they give Damon a pocket watch that belonged to Jonathan Gilbert. It turns out that she thought she had stolen the vampire compass from him (the one that originally gave her away) but instead stole something completely different. Pearl asks Damon to accept the invention as an apology.

Stefan returns to the mansion and Elena shows up. They fight over Stefan claiming bloodlust!Stefan is the real him and that Elena should accept it. Elena does not believe it and then he shoves her into a wall but breaks and starts crying and hugs her. For a moment there I expected him to bite her but I was surprised to see that Elena stabbed him with a vervaine dart. Damon enters and they take Stefan to the cage in the basement. Damon is not sure if it will work but Elena is convinced it will and sits down to be there through it and Damon also takes a seat.


AMAGADWTFBBQ this episode was fantastic. It seems as if this show is a staircase and each episode is a step higher than the previous one!

Stefan is not funwhen in Angelus mode. He had some nifty moments and Paul Wesley acted his new self awesomely.

Bonnie is back and no matter how right she is about her gran’s death I really really want to punch her for being so cold. I would probably do the same if I was in her place but meh 😛

I love the growing relationship inbetween Anna and Jeremy. Honestly I don’t know how Anna’s year have been but poor Jeremy deserves someone who cares for him and not a fraked up girl that the only thing they had in common was doing drugs. I just hope that none of them dies 😐

All in all I really liked the episode. I didn’t really expected it to be that good, mainly because of the cheesy title but this left me hungry for moar.


TVD: 1×18 Under Control preview

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While attending the Founder’s Day event, Stefan struggles to control the hunger he has awakened by taking blood from Elena in last week’s episode Let the Right One In.

Jeremy and Elena get a surprise visit from their uncle, John Gilbert (guest star David Anders) and Damon attempts to find out why John has returned.

Under Control airs tomorrow. You can see the extended trailer here

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