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True Blood Cast Members Talk Vampire Mythology

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Every vampire world has its own set of rules set down by the creators of those worlds. Sookieverse too has its rules surrounding the blood of vampires, the politics and the levels of authority.

HBO released a video with Stephen Moyer, Denis O’Hare, Kristin Bauer, Alan Ball, Alexander Skarsgard, Mariana Klaveno and Deborah Ann Woll, talking about the mythology involved in True Blood.

True Blood signed for 4th season!

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HBO has announced that it has renewed True Blood for a fourth season.

The vampire drama series will return for a 12-episode run next summer, according to HBO programming president Michael Lombardo.

Production on season four is scheduled to begin early next year in Los Angeles.

This month’s season three debut earned 5.1 million viewers, up 38% from the second season premiere.

“The new season of True Blood is off to a terrific start, as enthusiasm for this unique show continues to build among both subscribers and critics,” Lombardo said.

True Blood 3×01 screencaps

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Screens from 3×02 soon

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Anna Paquin has said that she dislikes drinking the fake blood provided on the set of True Blood and admitted that she enjoys filming the blood drinking scenes, but hates the taste of the red liquid after ingesting it over multiple takes.

“I get a kick out it, but the actual blood makes me want to gag!” she told Self. “It’s kind of a sweetcorn syrup, I think, with an aftertaste that’s less than pleasant after the tenth take. In season one, they asked me if I wanted sugar or sugar-free. I was like, ‘Sugar-free blood? Sounds great!'” however her enthusiasm for the sweet substance disappeared after the first scene.  “It only tastes like the latex tubes it’s coming through. [I drank] ravenously from Bill’s arm so I drank probably a gallon. Never again.”

All I can say is Fake Blood on True blood *giggle*

True Blood and sex

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Stephen Moyer has claimed that the sex scenes on True Blood are “weird” this season.

In an interview with Playboy, the actor admitted that he didn’t think the show could top last year’s explicit moments.

“Sex on our show is like a big muffin that’s heating up, overflowing and expanding in an oven,” he said. “This time last year I was thinking, ‘What the f**k are we going to do next year to top this?'”

He added: “Well, I can tell you it’s weird and exciting this year… The show is more character-centred – and I’m not saying it’s better or worse for it – but there’s certainly just as much, if not more, interesting sex because of it.”

The scene, which will air in the show’s new season, involves Stephen Moyer and another of the programme’s cast members. ( I bet it’s Sam lmao)

Speaking to E! Online, the star explained: “It was actually the most shocking thing that I’ve ever read in a television script. My jaw dropped on the floor when I read it and thought, ‘Oh my God, I actually have to do that’.

“Here’s your script, pray that your parents will be okay when they watch this episode. They may not want to.”

The cast member continued: “It was a little uncomfortable, but we got through it and I’m working with the best people from the writers to the producers to the other actors and at the end of the day, I’d rather be on a show that’s provocative and pushes the envelope than one that doesn’t.”

Moyer has previously promised that one of the sex scenes in the third season is a “watercooler moment”.

“They come up with those things and you look at them in the script, and you just go, ‘How in God’s name am I going to do that? And, ‘Who’s sick, sordid, crazy mind does that stuff come from?’ It’s not just [creator] Alan [Ball] – you know, we’ve got a very perverted, odd writing staff. [….]

“I don’t want to give too much away,” he said. “It’s a watercooler moment, I think. Possibly for the next 20 years.”

True Blood Comic Book issue #3 cover art

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True Blood 3×01

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I won’t be doing long recaps anymore, just telling you my opinion on the episodes.

True Blood 3×01 was very good. Even for True Blood. I loved all the little stories they put in it, loved seeing Sam all going nuts due to blood bond (fanservice? :P) and OMGWTFBBQ ALEX SKARSGARD’S ASS.

I liked how the episoe seemed to go on forever and then I realised I don’t have an ep back to back and got a little sad. If you watched the minisodes there were several giggleworthy moments! I think the season is going to be fantastic!

And I ADORE the Queen ^^

Screencaps shall ensue

True Blood TWO DAYS LEFT!!!! Long post with goodies

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Waiting sucks a little less now, no?

Clip #1 features a very pissed off Eric and Pam trying to make him see reason. Clip #2 features Sookie and Jessica trying to find clues to Bill’s whereabouts. Clip #3 (it is currently unavailable on HBO’s site) has Bill facing off with a wolf. Clip #4 has Eric telling Sookie what he knows about werewolves, and startling himself in the process. Clip #5 shows Jessica going to Pam for advice on being a vampire. Clip #6 (this is also currently unavailable) is a scene between Sookie and Alcide.

True Blood: Jessica’s Blog

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Jessica Hamby has a blog

Very LOLworthy

New True Blood Poster #11: Life Goes On

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The one next to Bill looks like a zombie 😛

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