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Couple announces wife’s pregnancy Star Wars Style

Posted in Geek Films, Geekery with tags , , , , , , , on August 12, 2010 by Geek Tv

Couples expecting a baby have often come up with amusing ways to announce their joyous news to the rest of the family. But if the couple happens to be huge Star Wars geeks, then are we completely surprised if they add a little Force to the announcement to make the baby message even more fun? No – not at all.

YouTube contributors Jennifer and Jeff recently had some wonderful news to pass along to the family and the world. And since Jeff is a major Star Wars fan, they decided to post their baby news via an edited movie clip from Star Wars – A New Hope.

Overall the Star Wars Baby News Clip is cute if not a little on the creepy side. But the irony of the movie clip is the couple is expecting twins. So naturally the Internet community is already screaming that they name the children Luke and Leia. Too bad the couple denies it 😛

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