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Comic creator sues over ‘Heroes’ plot

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Comic creator Jason Barnes has filed a $60m (£41m) lawsuit against NBC and Tim Kring’s Tailwind Productions over a Heroes storyline. Barnes – also known as Jazan Wild – claims that the travelling carnival that appeared in the final season of the show is virtually identical to the one depicted in his book Jazan Wild’s Carnival Of Souls.

“The settings and the storylines are virtually the same,” the complaint reads. “The main character in both stories leads a carnival of lost souls and outcasts. This dark character seeks to make his carnival more powerful by recruiting new members with special abilities.

“The appearance of some of the characters is also virtually identical to those in the plaintiff’s books… Even the dialogue is similar. Indeed, some of the scenes in Heroes appear as if the plaintiff’s books were used as storyboards by the defendants.”

Barnes wishes to prevent NBC from rebroadcasting the drama and is seeking punitive damages for copyright infringement, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, unfair competition and unjust enrichment, as well as compensation.

Heroes has previously been criticised for borrowing elements from comics such as The Uncanny X-Men and Watchmen.

Zachary Quinto reacts to ‘Heroes’ axing

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Zachary Quinto has reflected upon NBC’s recent cancellation of Heroes.

The 32-year-old actor, who played Sylar in the sci-fi series, thanked the show’s fans and reserved special praise for creator Tim Kring.

He wrote on his blog: “[On Friday] NBC announced that Heroes is officially cancelled. As much as we have been aware of this possibility for a few weeks – it remains surreal to consider that the decision has been made.

“I want to extend myself in a huge swell of gratitude to all of the fans, for investing in the stories we told, for engaging in the characters we created, and for standing by us through all the ups and downs of what was at times a rocky road.

Quinto continued: “I will certainly miss them most of all, the gift of working alongside such talented and inspiring people is something I will carry with me everywhere I go from here.

“Tim Kring and the original creative team and writing staff took a risk on me to play Gabriel Gray when there was no reason to risk – besides their belief in me.

He added: “They gave voice to a character that has challenged me and rewarded me beyond my wildest imagination. I will never forget that. It is humbling and deeply moving. So I thank them.”

NBC cancelled Heroes

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Yep another cancelation post :S  NBC has canceled “Heroes.” The network seriously mulled bringing back “Heroes” for a shortened season to wrap up the serialized show, possibly as a two- or four-hour movie. In the end, given the fairly high cost of the drama, the show’s consistently declining ratings and the number of new hour-longs coming to NBC next season, the network decided the UMS-produced series wasn’t worth an additional episode order. Among the network’s new shows, there’s several entries aimed atY genre fans — superhero drama “The Cape,” “24”-style conspiracy thriller “The Event” and J.J. Abrams’ light-hearted spy drama “Undercovers.” Also, of course, “Chuck” is coming back. More to come…


Heroes: Future seems hopeful

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Elisabeth Rohm has said that she thinks Heroes will be renewed.

The actress, who plays Lauren Gilmore, explained that the cast of the show are “pretty confident” about its future, PA reports.

“It isn’t totally confirmed but I think all of us actors feel we’ll have another season,” she said.

Rohm added that she thinks the show should be renewed so that the story can be wrapped up.

“I think when you have a show that’s been on the air for a long time, like I did Law And Order, it’s emotional,” she said. “You want the show to finish, so I think we’ll get another season.”

Previous reports have suggested that Heroes could return for a final 13-episode run.

Amazing FanArt part 1

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The Doctor collection by mimi-na

Caprica 6 bracelet by smakeupfx

The Winchester Family by yours truly

SPN Halloween by thenizu

Stargate Jacket by witchcraftywolfen

CSM from the X-files by insp88

Isaac Mendez by Guisadong gulay

Continues in:  Amazing Fanart part 2

Geek Tv Show Tattoos!

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Are you a geek? For real? Ok if you say so but how just about obsessed are you with your favourite show? Would you get a tattoo from it? You would? THAT IS GEEK HARDCORE!! \m/With the power of Google I discovered that there are heckloads of obsessed people who got tv show tattoos! I, myself, am planning to get a Stargate SG-1 tattoo (yes, the Earth’s point of origin :P) when money isn’t so hectic 😀


Battlestar Galactica

Doctor Who




I would so be getting that if it hadn’t been for the pentacle 😦


I love Point of Origin tattoos. I’ll probably get mine on the inside of my wrist or my ankle


True Blood

Geek+sexy+vampire= FRAKING AWESOME!

Whedonverse Buffy, Angel, Mutant Enemy

The X-files

And finally something that isn’t from a Tv Show but from a comic. This is the coolest tattoo EVER

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