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Cakes that makes you wish you had that cool a cake on your birthday!

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1. The Impala from Supernatural

Sam& Dean's badass car. I don't want to eat it, I want to drive it.

2. Lord of the Rings 

One cake to rule them all.
I really love the Boromir Ryan text

3.Battlestar Galactica

Fraking Awesome

4. Hobbit Hole

In a hole in a cake there lived a Hobbit. Then ate the cake for second breakfast

5. Hogwarts

If this person isn't patient then I don't know who is. Accio cake!


I don't know if this will take you through time and space but it would surely score you awesomeness points if you presented it at your party! Unless you invited the school bullies. Which I can't see why you would.

7. Dalek Cake Goodness


8. Stargate

THIS is the cake I want. Want want want want. OMGWTFBBQ

9. Buffy

This is a fantastic cake to bring to a Twitard party. LMAO. Seriously now this cake is fantastic. I love the crisp details and colours!

10. True Blood

This is an awesome cake to make for the next True Blood Season Premiere party. I suggest you choose Red Velvet cake filling!

Supernatural 6×05 Live Free or Twi Hard promo and stills

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*slaps Twitlight* *giggles*

Supernatural The Anime

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OMG I’m in super fangirl mode right now 😀 😀

(Added to Misha returning to the show :B)

Supernatural: 6×02 Two and a Half Men

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See, this is what SPN should be like. This episodes was billion times better than the season premiere. It brought back everything I’ve loved, funny chemistry between the brothers, a good MotW, a recurring implied plot (see below) AND DEAN! AMAGAD Dean’s back and when Dean’s back so is the kickass music. *cue Smoke on the water*

The shifter was a cool badass. I really enjoyed him going all Eddie Van Blundht on the ladies although he was far meaner and nastier than dear old Eddie (the h is silent)

The baby was an absolute cutie. It was fun to see a baby monster and imnply that Dean is paternal by default :3

Remember when I told you I thought something being amiss with grandpa Campbell? His phonecall in this episode confirms my suspicions. I think they’re either fixing a supe zoo or have something way more sinister in mind 😐

Anyway, in conclusion the 2nd episode was classes above the season’s premiere (as I annoyingly pointed out to the hubby several times while watching) I still keep my guard up for more fiascoes but let’s hope that the show will keep its spirit intact.


Supernatural 6×01 Exile on Main street review

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I’ve been waiting all summer to see the Supernatural season 6 premiere. Supernatural was a sign that good TV could still be found but I had to keep my guard up after Kripke said he was stepping down after the 5 season arc ended. So far I wish the show ended last year. It was a perfectly good show finale and it finished the story as it should. No cliches and overdone stuff (well apart from the impending, yet avoided, apocalypse). It should end just like Prison Break finished at 4 seasons despite its huge success.

Season 6 premiere was a huge disappointing WTF. It started good but in the middle it started losing me. The ending was kinda rushed and the way Sam was thrown into Dean’s life again was very poorly written and the total role reversal of the brothers.. ugh don’t even let me start on that. Other than that, why the fuck is Grandpa Cambell back but no Mary or John? In my opinion the Winchesters should hunt on their own. Adding so many new people to the Hunter crew feels like a violation, which might be fixed in the following episodes since they surely seemed they were up to something. What with bagging the Djins and all.

On the plus side, the acting was fantastic, well at least they tried to support it <_< I will keep watching in hope things will get better. Maybe Kripke will step back in to save his babies from this awful, miserable fate. Please don’t let Supernatural become another Heroes 😐


The Big Bang Theory, Supernatural And the Mentalist season premieres

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Both TBBT and The Mentalist premiere on September 23, 2010 followed closely by Supernatural on the 24th!

Hooray! It’s been a friggin long very hot summer. I love winter, I’m glad summer’s over :D:D:D

Here’s a teaser for Supernatural season 6

Supernatural Vampires are off to bash :P

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Hold on to your Vervain and copies of Twitlight, fangbangers. Supernatural is about to have some fun with your favorite vein-drainers. “We’re doing an episode about how vampires pretending to be  or the Salvatore brothers or Bill Compton are bad for you,” Supernatual showrunner Sera Gamble tells TV Guide Magazine.

At the CW/Showtime/CBS party during the annual Television Critics Association press tour, the creepy drama’s exec producer revealed that one of Season 6’s upcoming episodes (tentatively titled “Live Free or Twi-Hard”) will take fans’ ongoing obsession with undead hotties and hand it to Dean and Sam for a little skewering. (\m/ ) “There’s a mythology reason [as to why] we are revisiting a lot of monsters we’ve dealt with before on the show…including vampires,” says Gamble. “And when we were conceptualizing a vampire episode, we thought, ‘Wow there’s never been a better time to be a vampire.’ Chicks are just throwing themselves at them! They think that ‘vampire’ equals ‘I’m not going to try to have sex with you.'” Of course, in a world where vamps actually exist, that kind of thinking can get you killed. Or worse. “They will still take advantage of our children! They will turn you into a vampire or eat you.” Maybe if that original title doesn’t fly, they can go with “There Will Be True Blood.”

Geek TV prefers the second title and although I really love the dear Salvatores and Truebie vampires, I really can’t wait for some Twitlight bashing. In the words of Damon Salvatore, real vampires burn in the sun 😛

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