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First ‘Doctor Who’ adventure game episode now on Mac

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Mac users can now download the first episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games.

Similar to the PC version released earlier this month, it will be free for the UK licence fee payer and is guarded by a series of proxy checks during installation. (which you can bypass like this)

The first of four planned episodes, City Of The Daleks will see the Daleks invade ’60s London and eradicate mankind.

The episode can be downloaded from the BBC website.

Doctor Who: City of the Daleks screencaps

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I only played 5 minutes and took some screencaps. I won’t be making any more though so as not to spoil my gaming experience 😛

So far I have abandoned it to rot since it requires to do some stealthy poo and I’m more of a charge in type of person 😛

I have been exterminated x_x


Doctor Who 5×10 Vincent and the Doctor Screencaps and review

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I will skip doing a recap of the episode because a) you can already find that online and b) my brain is fried as I started learning Swedish yesterday 😛

The episode was as much of a geekgasm as I expected. I’m a sucker for history of art and Van Gogh is one of my favourite painters, what with his amazing sense of colour and his tragic story. ❤ I loved the way they made the scenery, like in “The Girl with the pearl earring” it was like walking into the painting. I loved all the little references and was glad we avoided ear jokes about Van Gogh <_< It had several chronological inaccuracies some of them being:

  • Van Gogh died in the end of July 1890 so the episode should be set about two months before his death instead of a year.
  • His ear was already cut off in 1890 as the self portrait with the bandaged ear dates 1889.
  • Both the “Sunflowers” and the “Bedroom in Arles” were painted in 1888, two years before when the episode is set but in the episode he still hasn’t painted the sunflowers and the bedroom painting is mentioned as “still wet”.

It is pointless to mention that I’d KILL for a trip like that and to be in Amy’s place. Discussing art with Vincent Van Gogh OMG *faints*
And how cute was it when the Doctor and Amy took him to the museum with his work? If only there was a doctor that had taken him to see where the world would hold Vincent Van Gogh up to…

Anyway, this has to be one of my favourite Dr. Who episodes ever. I just love it when they have famous people in the eps ^^

Here be screencaps

BBC wants Lady GaGa to star in ‘Doctor Who’

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Lady Gaga is reportedly being lined up to star in Doctor Who.

According to the Daily Star, the BBC wants to sign up the singer to play a villain in the series. Scriptwriter Gareth Roberts said: “The script might end up on screen one day with Lady GaGa, who will have fallen on hard times.” A source added: “She is no stranger to dressing up and would be more than a match for the Doctor. It would be a great coup to get her.”

Lady GaGa recently ordered ghostbusters to get rid of ‘evil spirits’ on tour.

Karen Gillan promises emotional DW season finale

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Karen Gillan has warned fans that the upcoming finale of Doctor Who is emotional and that viewers will need “tissues”. She refused to reveal too many details about the episode but teased: “I’m going to say the word ‘horses’ and that’s it.” Gillan also admitted that the episode had been one of the hardest to film.
“The second part of the finale was the most difficult because it’s a big climax for Amy and her story that’s been building through the series,” she said. “And it just required a lot of kind of concentration and emotion.”

Karen Gillan has also revealed that a fan once proposed to her and explained that she is still getting used to her fame.

“It’s kind of a bit of a shock to the system, actually. It’s kind of instant in that way, when you sort of get involved in Doctor Who. It kind of changes your life as soon as you’re announced as playing the part, before anyone’s even seen you. So you’re kind of walking into an already famous part, if you know what I mean. It’s not you that’s made it famous. So what you’ve got to do is put your own sort of mark on it I guess. It’s been really positive. Everyone’s been really nice and they feel so passionately about it that it makes me really excited to be involved in it.”

However, she admitted that she has been surprised by fans in the past.

“I got proposed to in America by a girl,” she said. “I was quite taken aback by that. She was very nice and all, but I’m not really ready for marriage.”

DW: The Adventure Games, One Week to Go!

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We’re indebted to one of The Adventure Games’ Executive Producers – the games industry legend Charles Cecil – for his latest update on City of the Daleks, released free of charge on this site on Saturday, 5 June…

So, here we are, with a week to go before release of ‘City of the Daleks’. This week I played through the game many times, looking for minor tweaks that could be made – and then agreeing with the teams at the BBC and Sumo what could and what could not be changed. Clearly nothing could be done which could threaten the release date. And on Wednesday I had to stop, to let the final testing and master preparation conclude without my interference. I had to let go. And now I wait nervously. I am really pleased with how the game plays – I just hope that the people that matter, namely you, agree. The great thing about the internet is that feedback is immediate and frank – which is incredibly valuable, if brutal at times.

The whole team has been working so hard in these last few weeks. This is know as the ‘crunch’ period and lasts until the game is mastered. Crunch seems to be an inevitable result of game development – we try to schedule to avoid it, but never succeed in doing so. People are so passionate about the project and want to do everything to get the game as good as possible. A small bonus is that those that work late nights at Sumo do get treated to a takeaway dinner that they then eat at their desks. Personally I prefer the food from the Chinese takeaway over that from the Indian takeaway – but, frankly, the focus remains firmly on the game rather than paying too much mind to the culinary experience.

Visually the game looks stunning. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of voice directing Matt and Karen – we were recording the lines for a later episode, and they were thrilled to see how they look in their virtual environment. They were both really enthusiastic – it was such fun.

Steven Moffat will be given a copy of the final game in the next day or two. Steven is quite a gamer – he liked what he saw when he played the alpha version. I really hope that he is pleased with the final product. I am sure he will be – the stealth / adventure hybrid conveys the essence of Doctor Who in a very dynamic and exciting way – the way that games can.

The wait is almost over. Although, of course, while ‘City of the Daleks’ is locked, there are still three more episodes in development. The Chinese and Indian takeaways of Sheffield need not fear that their orders will drop for many weeks to come.

source: BBC

Doctor Who: Cold Blood stills

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