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Supernatural: 5×20 The Devil You Know recap

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The episode begins in a similar manner with 28 Days later (I believe the roots of the Croatoan virus lie in this film :3) It’s a lab full of monkeys and lab rats. They’re apparently working on the swine flu vaccine. A “supervisor” appears out of the blue and stabs one of the lab doctors with an injection. Turns out it’s the Croatoan virus. Human attacks human and creates a gorey mess.

Sam and Dean once again fake ID and pretend to be part of the CDC. They want to know if any of the flu victims are exhibiting signs of homicidal tendencies. The doctor obviously think they’re nuts but says that almost two days earlier no one was suffering from the flu, now there are over 70 cases at the hospital. It can’t be a coincidence that statues started crying around the same time. (Again NOT smart to mention that in front of the doc) Seems like a definite job of Pestilence.

Crowley, the crossroads demon we first met in “Abandon All Hope” pops in on Sam and Dean while they’re in the Impala. The brothers immediately try to kill him. The Winchesters have such good reflexes hehehehe. The brothers are extremely (and with every right) angered at him since he was the one that gave them the Colt to take down Lucifer and the Colt didn’t do a thing. And even worse, Jo and Ellen died in the process. (I still believe they’ll somehow pop back alive and yell SURPRISE! 😐 ) Crowley, though, says he still wants to take down Lucifer and says how to get Pestilence. He’s in an even bigger hurry to stop the apocalypse because Lucifer now knows Crowley’s out to get him which makes him a wanted demon. Crowley also knows about the rings of the Horsemen as he had his valet hide a magical tracking device in the Metallicar the night the Winchesters broke into his house. Son of a… He knows everything  claims he has heard. He tells the boys they have to track down a demon whose job it is to handle the itinerary for the Horsemen. You know, running over the logistics, restocking on sugar and coffee around the office and all. LOL.

This demon, Brady, works for a pharmaceuticals company (Niveus) and they have a vaccine that will “help cure” the recent flu outbreak. After an executive meeting the demon, Brady slits the throat of one of his employees (because the poor man said he was doing his best :S) and uses his blood to call Pestilence.

An increasingly angry Sam doesn’t want to listen to Crowley while Dean doesn’t see any reason not to listen to him.  Sam has been listening to Demons forever though and is probably sick of it. Dean, however, believes Crowley which might be the stupidest thing ever but what choice do they have? Crowley takes Dean on the Brady mission leaving Sam behind (in spite of Sam’s will) Sam’s, of course, not happy about it. He calls Bobby and the two share a drink while Sam tells him what just happened. Sam then asks Bobby about the time he was possessed and he took back his body. That’s how he ended up in the wheelchair. Anyway, Sam wants to know how he did it. Sam’s thinking he can say yes to Lucifer but somehow take back possession long enough to lock him in the cage. I really saw this one coming. Ever since the end of the last episode I expected Sammy would suggest/do something incredibly stupid like this.  Bobby tells Sam how ridiculous the idea really is but Sam says he won’t do it not unless they all agree. As I said: I expect bro showdown

Dean and Crowley, show up at Niveus to get Brady. Crowley kills a couple of the guards and forces Dean to godo the deed alone and sends him up to the executive floor. Dean faces Brady who wants nothing to do with the rings Dean is “offering” him. He says he just wants retribution for Dean rendering War and Famine useless. Brady startsbeating Dean down badly. Dean retreas in shock only to lead Brady into the open arms or rather Demon Trap-Bag. Oh yeah. THAT was the plan o_O

Crowley carves stuff on Brady’s chest to make sure the demon’s locked in the meat suit. He then tells Dean to head in a different direction because they can’t take Brady back to his brother because the two have a history. AND AT THIS MOMENT I get an epiphany and remember where I know the bs from! Dean stops the car and demands to know the details.

Sam is waiting impatiently at the cabin and goes to Dean who’s tying up the prisoner. Dean asks Sam to focus and stay on mission and hopes that Sam won’t let his anger mess him up. Sam finally finds out that the prisoner is his best friend from Stanford. The one who introduced him to Jessica. OK, did have an epiphany before but I’d never imagine this hadn’t it been for the previous scene 😛  Turns out that Brady’s been a demon  all along. Sam of course is mad. Crowley fails to get the whereabouts of Pestilence out of Brady and Sam locks Dean in the bathroom and goes after his ex-best friend. Brady explains how the Yellow-Eyed Demon had Brady possessed after it looked like they were losing Sam. A possessed Brady introduced him to Jessica, waited for them to fall in love and then “toasted her on the ceiling.” Poor poor Sammy and poor Jessica 😦 Brady then proceeds on describing in detail the night he killed Jessica. Sam angrily takes the knife to Brady’s throat but refrains from killing him! Way to go Sammy ❤

Crowley comes back and he lets Brady know he’s also a wanted demon. Hahaha this was golden! Unfortunately, right then a hellhound howls and apparently everyone is afraid of the hellhounds. Even Demons. I especially liked the detail of Dean freaking out at the mere thought of the hellhounds as he did die from them. Anyway, the hellhound apparently followed Crowley back  which is all right though. Crowley brings over his own pet hellhound (My dog is bigger than yours)  A friggin cool invisible hell hound fight ensues. Loved the effects :3 The Winchesters, Crowley and Brady flee. They manage to get the whereabouts of Pestilence out of Brady and Crowley leaves. Then you notice Sammy who is standing very very still and looks very very angry. Dean salts the way out for Brady and it’s Sammy revenge showdown time. Sam is about to fry the demon but then Brady starts saying that the reason why Sam fell for what Brady and Ruby and the YED was because they all have the same stuff running through their veins and deep down he’s just like them. Sam though drives the knife home and offs the annoying frak for good.  Sam’s priceless response to Brady “Interesting theory.”

Bobby’s on the phone with Rufus but then Crowley shows up and wants Bobby to make a deal with him. Crowley needs a soul in order to work up some magic that’ll get him the location for the fourth and final horseman. He says it’s only temporary, that he’ll give the soul back and it seems Bobby is considering it :S Ouch, ouch ouch! Hello??? Demons lie all the time Bobby, you’re better than that!


I never seem able to stop saying wow after an SPN episode. This one really reminded me a bit of Season 2. The atmosphere was very similar. And I missed the black eyed sobs! I am really happy with Sam who proved he could control himself when he didn’t kill Brady the first time around but I also loved him offing the bastard in the end. If there’s one death he deserved to deliver this was the one. I utterly adored Jared’s performance in this episode. The guy rocks, he has proven that many times, but he was fantastic. He generates the anger vibe so well you might start wondering if he’s not an angry person himself 😛

I posted the screencaps earlier so here’s a link to the screencap post:

SPN: 5×17 99 Problems Recap [Spoilers]

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And now onto Supernatural!

My GOD what an episode that was 😮 First of all I went in fangirl mode because of Michael Shanks. I am very fond of him and it was nice to see him again! This has to be one of the best and most EPIC episodes of Season 5. It reminded me a lot of the 2nd& 3rd season and compared to last week’s mild episode this was right the fix I needed!

The episode begins with the brothers clearly scared, being chased by something. Sam is injured and there’s a road block ahead. As they halt demons appear out of nowhere and pull them out of the car. Out of the blue, though the demons are driven away by nothing less than a FIRE BRIGADE TRUCK FILLED WITH HOLY WATER!!!! LMAO xD I loved that part. The group of people not only manages
to drive the way the demons with Holy Water, they also know how to exorcise them! Turns out it is a whole town of hunters, led by Leah the daughter of the town’s priest who claims the angels talk to her and Dean identifies her as a prophet.

After Leah gets a vision about a demons’ nest the whole town goes on a brutal hunt, including the Winchesters. The hunt is successful and a teen guy, Dylan, asks if he can ride back on the Impala. The brothers agree and share a beer but suddenly a demon appears, pulls Dylan under the car. The brothers quickly kill the demon but it is too late for the young man. Back into town, Dylan’s mother blames the brothers and Leah convinces the town they’re punished because of the unbelievers and sets onto putting the town under new rules: no drinking, no smoking, no out-of-wedlock sex, saying that if they follow those rules they will be granted access to paradise on Earth as well as have their loved ones resurrected. Sam comments that they banned pretty much 90% of their personality but Dean stuns him by saying
they’ll all die soon anyway so it doesn’t matter.

Sam tries to reach Castiel but only manages to get his voicemail. He then sets off to the bar, despite the new rules, and talks to the barkeeper who tells him he isn’t a believer. They share a drink and then it’s
curfew time and Sam goes back to the hotel where he confronts Dean, telling him that knowing he has his back is the only thing keeping him going.

Dean leaves despite curfew and heads to the bar where he finds the barkeeper being attacked by townsfolk. Leah had another vision and now the angels want to get rid of all the unbelievers. He doesn’t want to leave his hometown though and the priest tries to calm everyone down. Out of nowhere Dylan’s mother shoots the barkeeper, killing him.

Castiel appears at the hotel. He is horribly drunk, having drained a whole liquor store. Dean arrives and
fills them in about what happened at the bar. Castiel says that Leah isn’t a prophet as he has all the prophets names imprinted on his mind and she’s not one of them. Instead, she is the Whore of Babylon and her purpose is to condemn as many souls as possible to Hell before D-Day and that she probably killed Leah a long time ago. She can only be killed by a true servant of God, using a carved piece of Babylonian wood.

Lacking a true servant of God, Castiel being a fallen angel, Dean is not a believer and Sam is an abomination, they try to recruit Leah’s father. He, of course, refuses at first but then admits that she’s not acting like his daughter and agrees to kill her.

At the compound they find her and her followers having locked up all of the “unbelievers” and intend to burn them all, including the children. The Winchesters, Castiel and the priest attack her but they’re unable to harm her as she possesses some kind of telekinetic powers. Dean fights with her and at the last second stabs her with the Babylonian Stake. To everyone’s surprise she dies.

Sam asks Dean how he did that but Dean says he doesn’t know. Sam is clearly panicked and wants to know if Dean is going to say yes to Michael. Dean says, “Do you really think I’d do that?” but his face speaks volumes and Sam is terrified. They return at the hotel where they tend to the priest’s wounds. Dean offers to bring more bandages but drives off in the Impala instead, leaving Sam behind.

Dean arrives at a house, and rings the doorbell. Lisa (3×02 The Kids are alright) answers. Dean asks how she’s doing and she says she’s doing good, but wants to know what he’s doing there. He tells her things are about to get really, really bad. She wants to know if it’s related to what he does and he admits it is. He tells her that he’s never really been happy, but when he imagines himself happy it’s always with her and Ben. She’s overwhelmed by that revelation and invites him in but Dean says he can’t and he just came to say goodbye. She tells him he’s scaring her, and she again asks him to come in and that whatever he’s thinking about doing, he has to think twice about. He tells her he’s not giving in without some guarantees, and one of them is that Lisa and Ben will be kept safe.

The episode ends implying Dean is finally going to say yes to Michael. He is sick of having people die all around him has seen Heaven and he has seen Hell and also what people would be able to do to earn a place in Heaven. There is no help and he doesn’t see a way out. There’s only a thing he can do to help at least lessen the damage. He can’t feel family with Sam anymore (ever since the last episode) having witnessed that Sam was happier when he was away from him and their dad. What he fails to see is that Sam doesn’t want to go away anymore but tries to cling onto what’s left of his family- ie Dean. Something tells me that we won’t escape a showdown between the brothers and that both are going to agree to become vessels. The season is approaching its end and the episodes are bound to be ridden with action and cliffhangers! I REALLY can’t wait for the next episode!

The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural today

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The Vampire Diaries Season 1, Episode 17: Let the Right One In: Stefan and Damon make a new enemy and Stefan suddenly finds himself in a dangerous situation. Damon and Elena try to convince Alaric to work with them to help Stefan. Matt is hopeful that his mom will stick around. After Caroline’s car breaks down in a storm she makes a terrible discovery that shocks everyone in Mystic Falls.

Supernatural Season 5, Episode 17: 99 problems: Sam and Dean are outnumbered by demons, but are saved at the last minute by a group of people who are aware of the Apocalypse, and have been training to fight demons. The small town is extremely religious and Sam and Dean meet Pastor Gideon, who introduces them to his daughter Leah, whom he claims is a prophet.

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