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Supernatural 5×22 Swan Song recap

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Before I start the recap I must say that no matter how many more seasons SPN gets, I’ll always consider this the real ending much like Threads was the real ending of Stargate SG-1 for me.

Both the Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries finales didn’t want to be watched. My internet was retarded as I mentioned to you on Friday morning so I couldn’t get hold of the episode. After a lot of cursing and kicking inanimate objects and swearing at the stupid frakers who chose to mess up with the net lines, I managed to find the episodes on rapidshare and oh jolly good holy cow of internet! The speed was stable and high even with a free download 😮 I’m never going back to torrents… Anyway so I put on the episode to watch (greek subs had already been uploaded much to my hubby’s delight) and we were (expectedly) greeted by Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas. I have an unhealthy obsession with this song. It also makes me get all shivery and tearry and of course prepare the ground for another epic season finale.

After the road so far a kinda out of place narration about cars came up. At that point I started thinking that I might have gotten a fake file but then of course the Metallicar was mentioned. And apparently the Impala is currently the single most importan thing in the universe. WTF o_O My hubby speculated it is going to be Lucifer’s cage but I said “No way.”

We see Dean and Sam sharing a beer and Dean agrees to Sam’s plan to trap Lucifer. They gather around four gallons of demon blood and the Winchesters, Cas and Bobby set out to meet up with the devil in Detroit. Sam mentions that should he succeed he would be trapped in Hell along with Lucifer and has to make Dean promise not to attempt to bring him back (probably selling his soul again in the process).  Horrified, Dean refuses, but Sam stands his ground.  He tells Dean that he should find Lisa and settle into a normal family life, white fence and all that jazz. Sam then proceeds to say goodbye to Bobby and Castiel emotional and hilarious goodbyes, respectively and then gulps down the demon blood. Ew.

We get an interlude of Chuck, narrating, explaining about all the tidbits that made the Impala special, including a soldier Sam crammed into an ashtray some Lego Dean shoved up the heater and the brothers carving their initials on the car. We also find out that on clear sky nights the Winchesters beers at hand stargazed for hours. And then it dawned on me WHY the Impala is important and what role it would play.

The Winchesters and co set off to find Luci and when they do Sam tells him he’s there to sa yes which surprises Luci. It’s one thing for your resume to say you made the devil feel surprised! Sam does some epic demon killing to prove he’s ready but then Luci spills thahem that he knew all along about their plans with the Horsemen’s rings.  Dean wants out of the plan since they no longer hold the element of surprise, but Sam doesn’t think it matters since he’s going to have to battle Luci’s will anyway.  Sam says the definite and final yes and Lucifer jumps him. Dean manages to open the chasm and runs to check on the still unconscious Sam who comes to and seems ready to jump in the pit. And here I am thinking the rest of the episode will take place inhell. I was wrong. Thank God. It turns out it’s been Lucifer all along since he came to and was only messing with Dean. Jared Padalecki has some serious hot acting going on. You really see in his eyes that he goes over to the cookies of the darkside . Brrrr.

Leaving Dean in despair Luci pops out and proceeds to play with his world sandbox. Cas and Bobby want to give up, as there is little to no hope left, but Dean of course won’t give away Sammy so easily.  He calls Chuck, who reveals that the showdown between Michael and Lucifer will take place in a graveyard outside of -where else really? – Lawrence, Kansas.  As Chuck said, it needs to end where it began.

To be honest I expected a big showdown between Luci and Mike. I wasn’t disappointed with the way they chose to go though.  Samcifer meets with Adamichael in the graveyard and the two brothers talk. Lucifer tells his brother that they don’t need to fight – that they should stop letting their father (God) order them around.  Michael who’s uber loyal disagrees. They sound awfully like Sam and Dean over John. But we’ve done that parallel before.

And here comes Dean on his black stallion Impala. Dean wants to talk to Sam, but Michael tells him to sod off. Then Castiel appears and tosses a holy molotov on Michael (using my new favourite insult – assbutt) incinerating him for the time being, buying Dean time to speak to Samcifer. Luci though is pissed because noone fraks with his brother but him and blows Cas up. We’re talking meatgrinder deal. For the second time. Dean is still trying to reach out to Sam, trying to make him take his body’s wheel but then Lucifer decides to throw Dean on the Impala windshield (which breaks – OW) that triggers Bobby to -stupidly- shoot Lucifer with the Colt which does squat. Lucifer,  pissed breaks Bobby’s neck.

😐 I expected Castiel OR Bobby. Not both. Dammit!

Lucifer beats Dean up into next week but Dean tells Sammy that he’s not going to leave him. If Sam is to die, Dean is tagging along.  He’s not even fighting back.   And it’s Dean face, filled with emotional pain and love for his little brother paired with a bit of sunshine flaring on the Impala’s chromes into Lucifer’s eyes, a glance at the toy soldier  that finally reaches Sam. We are hit with a wave of flashbacks (including my favourite brother moment of them singing Dead or Alive) that show how close the brothers really are. They never had anyone than each other for their whole lives and now it’s all rushing through Sam’s mind, helping him break to the surface.  He ends up panting as Dean sits bleeding and broken on the ground and tells Dean it’s all gonna be alright.

Sam opens the portal to Hell himself just as Michael returns and tells Lucifer that they will fight and that it is their destiny. But Dean worded it well in Point of no Return. “Screw destiny right in the face. I say we take the fight to them and do it our way.” Sam obviously agrees with this statement and grabs Michael dragging him along in the pit.

At this point the avi decided to freeze on me *golfclap* I told you this ep didn’t want to be watched 😐 And I found mysefl annoyingly tearry realising that maybe Sam wouldn’t be returning for season 6…

Dean still on the ground where his brother disappeared into Hell, obviously pained, now alone. COmpletely alone. He’s lost everyone. Wait no- Cas had returned and his angel mojo is back. Dean asks Cas if he’s God but Cas says no. (shoot, there goes one of my theories) Cas heals Dean’s severaly damaged body and then ressurects Bobby.

Cas thinks he’ll return to Heaven now.  With Michael gone and God still missing, the chain of command is likely broken and someone needs to put things in a line.

We once again are treated by Chuck’s narration telling us that Bobby and Dean part ways and will not see each other again for a long time. We’re promised Bobby will resume his normal hunter duties by next week.

Dean heads off to Lisa’s house and settles in.  We see him sitting at the table with Ben and Lisa obviously pained but still in one piece. It seems as if the episode ends as the camera zooms out of the window. Outside Lisa’s house we see a streetlight flicker off and there is Sam, looking in on his brother. And the episode ends leaving us to bite our nails for the whole of the summer until we find out what’s in store for the Winchesters. Will Sam believe that Dean finally got the normal family life he always wanted and won’t tell him he’s alive? And how the eff is Sam back?

After he was done narrating and writing the story of the Winchesters and the Apocalypse, we see Chuck one more time. Clad in a white shirt he simply smiled and disappeared into thin air. My husband exclaimed “Oh, so He is God!” and I wholeheartedly agree. I think God was helping the boys a little but let it on their free will. Now that their free will has been proven victorious it is time to aid themby returning Cas and (probably) Sammy. There are theories that Sammy is a ghost. Could he be a ghost in Season 6 like Spike was on Angel?

My lappy battery is running out so I will end this recap here. You can find screenshots of the episode in a previous post.

Goodnight 🙂

Supernatural 5×22 Swan Song Screencaps

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Supernatural: 5×21 Two Minutes to Midnight (late and spoilery) recap

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The lies are over folks. We have reached the penultimate episode of Supernatural’s fifth season.

Pestilence has moved to Iowa, where he’s playing doctor at a nursing home or hospital and giving the patients all sorts of nasty diseases. Dengue Fever, Japanese Encephalitis and the Chicken Pox to name a few. Luckily Pesty isn’t as gross as he was the last time we saw hi- Yes, thanks for the green vomit pal. In the words of wise Giles “You’ve ruined food for me”.

A day earlier the brothers have returned to Bobby’s house before heading off to find Pestilence. Sam apparently has told Dean about his possible plan to say yes to Lucifer to trap him back in the cage. Yay! Step one for brother re-bonding :3 I still think this is a BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD plan and it seems Dean agrees with me. It might be my soft spot for Sam or it might be REALITY KICKING IN!! The phone rings and it is -OMG- Castiel! I missed that dude so much. He’s alive but in a hospital and feels incredibly…human. Turns out the voodoo he worked the last time we saw him drained all his Angelic Mojo. The whole scene is hilarious when Cas describes the pain and itch 😀 Then Castiel apologises to Dean for not believing in him and tells him how proud he is Dean said no to Michael.

The boys head off to Pestilence’s current location in Iowa and take over the security office, trying to figure out which one is Pestilence. They eventually figure it out when he seems to have a buzz on the surveillance cameras following his head.. They try to sneak there but a demon recognises them And if you didn’t realise it was a demon before the eyes went black then you seriously haven’t been watching SPN long enough or enough at all! The demon-nurse notifies Pestilence (who’s still covered in green icky stuff ew ew ew EW!!!) about the boys and tells him they should leave because the Winchesters have a habit of offing horsemen but he decides to unleash the whole Pandora’s Box on them despite Lucifer’s wish/command that the vessels aren’t to be harmed. If Lucy wants them then he can glue them back together. Bwahaha. Right…

Pestilence pollutes the boys with several stuff like scarlet fever, meningitis, and syphilis (again ew) and they lie helpless on the floor, coughing up blood. Pestilence starts the villain talk about how beautiful and pure disease is and that the humans are the ones who are disgusting. Then we have a Deus ex machine, or should I say an angelus ex machina? 😛 That’s right! Castiel saves the day. He apparently got there by bus (LOL – I love that guy ♥) but is obviously affected by the disease spree which makes Pesty really happy since he realises he’s out of angel mojo. Castiel though, catches him off-guard and severs his ring finger. Whoa that was easy… Wasn’t it?  :S However, Pestilence doesn’t seem all too bothered by being several fingers short and disappears telling the guys that “It’s too late”. The guys are healed but are left clearly worried.

Back at Bobby’s place again where Bobby reveals that Death will be in Chicago and that he plans to lay waste to the city, killing 3 million people giving a shitload of details making the Winchesters wonder how he knows so much. The Crowley Tadas and tells them that Bobby did “loan” his soul for Death’s location. Crowley says he will give it back and he seems honest. As honest as a demon can get 😐 The only thing Sam manages to blurt out is whether Bobby kissed Crowley to which Bobby replies a repulsed “NO!”. I was in the middle of telling my hubby that Crowley must have made the bank guy (earlier in the season) to kiss him because he was homophobic but didn’t finish my sentnce as I snorted up my soda when Crowley popped an iPhone and showed the guys the picture of Bobby kissing him, tongue and all LMAO. I cry xD

Sam seems to have mutated into a very calm, down to earth and modest version of himself and admits to Dean that he might be too weak to take on Lucifer and win and contrary to his whole annoying attitude in season 4 (I STILL LOVE YOU SAMMY) he thinks the others are way better men than he. However him saying yes seems like the only plan. Crowley interrupts them and tells them that Niveus Pharmaceuticals (Brady’s medicine company, remember?) will be shipping its swine flu vaccine across the country which is spiked with the croatoan virus. Bwahahaha I didn’t get a vaccine against swine flu! EAT THAT! (Although I did catch swine flu and survived it, rendering the vaccine useless on moi)

Did you watch the promo/commercial with the “O Death” song?  Yup, it showed up in this episode, completely  with music and all Death is strolling in Chicago offing passer bys. The unlikely group splits up: Crowley and Dean are off to Chicago to get Death’s ring, while Sam, Bobby and Castiel are going to try to stop the croatoan virus. Sam muses about when times were simple and they only hunted down ghosts and wendigos. Then out of NOWHERE Crowley hands Dean a scythe that can supposedly kill Death. Well, Death’s own scythe. Then, again out of NOWHERE Crowley reveals he has given Bobby back his walking mojo as part of the deal! Bobby’s back bitch!! And he obviously is very happy, so happy that he spends the night going up and down stairs lmao.

Castiel reveals that he believes Sam’s crazy plan might work because he thinks that Sam might be able to resist Lucifer but warns him that to take in Lucifer, Sam would have to drink gallons of demon blood… Then he drops the (well, expected) bomb: Michael has found another vessel and it is no one other than Adam. I expect Adam will die (again) in the finale cause I really find it unlikely to have him join Sam and Dean in the next season. Sorry man, you apparently are a red shirt.

Bobby, Sam and Castiel arrive on the Niveus warehouse and  come up with an elaborate plan soon to be obsolete because a shipment is leaving earlier than they thought. Sam and Bobby enter the warehouse and off the zombies. Sam helps the civilians escape (and boy was he Hot in that scene. I LOVE YOU JARED!! Hahaha)  Eventually they manage to destroy the virus and then it is Chicago time!

Dean and Crowley arrive in Chicago, but it turns out Crowley was wrong about Death’s exact location but then he accidentally finds him in a pizzeria. Must be a killer pizza. Dean’s intend to enter the restaurant quitely fails since we’re talking about Death himself now, not some kind of reaper. Death then quickly reclaims the scythe from Dean and invites him to join him for pizza. For a moment there I thought he was going to ask Dean to play chess and Dean would curse that Sam wasn’t along 😛  We learn that Death is the oldest of all the horsemen and possibly even older than God and declares that one day he will reap God  as well :S He is also uberly miffed that Lucifer has somehow managed to bind Death to his will. One of the oldest entities in the universe bound to a fallen angel on a tantrum. Nice.  Then (as I expected) Death offers Dean a deal. He will give Dean his ring in order to trap Lucifer again, as well as instructions on how to do so and in exchange, Dean will have to whatever it takes to defeat Lucifer even if that means that he has to allow Sam to say yes to Lucifer.  Dean agrees, but Death warns him not to make false promises, you can’t cheat death after all.

Dean is back in Bobby’s yard, playing around with the four horsemen rings, which are magnetised to each other.Bobby comes along and Dean realises that he made Death a promise he never planned to keep when he agreed to use Sam to defeat Lucifer. Bobby tells Dean that he thinks they may be too hard on Sammy and that he might be more capable of defeating Lucifer than they thought.  He wonders what Dean is more scared of, losing the war or losing his brother? Well duh, what do you think?

The episode ends leaving the boys to deal with a shitload of stuff for the season finale. I really hope they wrap up the arch in season 5 and won’t drag it onto season 6. I’ll be very disappointed if they do 😐 I was very happy at the steadily rebuilding relationship of the brothers. I also loved that they didn’t kill Death. It would seem a bit arrogant I guess. It was a very nice episode. I especially loved the part that lightnings lit up Death’s face making him look ominous and cold(er)

SPN: 5×18 Point of No Return recap

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Supernatural never fails to impress me. It’s either plot twists or just fantastic ideas that always makes the ball roll for me. “Point of No Return” is a killer episode in every way.

The 100th episode begins with hated old Zachariah drowning his epic fail in booze, moaning to another recently fired  guy. The way the dialogue was written had me in stitches because Zach sounded just like a poor fired accountant who has been wronged by the office jack. However, Michael comes down in the bar and fries all the other patrons and apparently gives Zach back his job.

Dean has hit rock bottom and is gathering his stuff in a cardbox intending to mail it to Bobby. He is three steps short from Emoville but Sam finds him and confronts him about walking out on him. Dean says that Sam’s not one to talk since “All you’ve ever done is run away.” to which Sammy replies”And I was wrong, every single time I did.” It made my poor heart melt. When Dean continues to be the stubborn dude we’ve all came to love Sam, with Castiel’s help, forces him to follow them to Bobby’s. Bobby tells Dean off reminding him that even though he’s been considering suicide since getting stuck in a wheelchair he’s not doing anything about it because he promised Sam and Dean he wouldn’t give up. Suddenly Castiel seems to be experiencing a searing pain in the head and poofs off to a foresty place where he goes on a showdown with two angels. I love how they have made Angels to be so frigging psycho. Makes good balance with  demons 😛 After the fight he finds Adam (the third Winchester brother we met in last season’s Jump the Shark) trying to climb out of his grave and takes him back to Bobby’s place.

Adam proves he’s a Winchester yet again being Dean-ly sarcastic and Sam-ly resentful of John. He also looks like a smoking hot mix of Sam and Dean and has several of the Winchester mannerisms. As a bad surprise the Angels have mud-talked the boys to Adam, taking him on their side and drops the bomb that the angels now want Adam to be Michael’s vessel. Sam plays the “blood bond” card which fails as Adam is bitter he only got to see John once a year contrary to Dean being jealous (Jump the shark) because John actually went to a game with his other son. Adam wants to say “yes” to Michael so he can see his mom again. Zach has clearly poisoned Adam’s mind with a bunch of lies  “You know Sam and Dean wincester are psychotically, irrationally, erotically co-dependent on each other, right?” I mean WTF?!?!? o___O Honestly this episode gave the slash fangirls heavy material for their fanfiction O_O It gives me the creeps.

We see the panic room once again only this time it’s Dean who’s locked up. He says he’s tired of fighting who he’s supposed to be despite how many times he urged Sam not to give in to his supposed destiny. The dialogue of this scene was even more painful than the episode with the siren where the brothers said really hurtful things to each other.

Dean: “I just don’t believe.”
Sam:”In what?”
Dean: “In you. I mean I don’t…I don’t know whether it’s going to be demon blood or some other demon chick or what but I do know they’re going to find a way to turn you.”

Sam is devastated at Dean’s words. The scene is wonderfully made in all aspects and it made my eyes a bit tearry. A little later Dean manages to escape from Bobby’s panic room by tricking Castiel and using banish on him. It was so harsh that made me understand why the angels want him on their camp. There’s an escape #2 as Adam tips Zach in a dream about his whereabouts and Zach poofs him outta there.

Dean finds a doom sayer outside a Bar (who seems to be a real prophet) and is about to call Michael downstairs but Castiel catches up to him (I’m still not sure how since Dean and Sam are hidden from angels) and beats him to a pulp, being extremely angered that he rebelled just to see Dean fail. In the next scene we see the Heavenly room again with the heavy ladden bouffet we last saw in Lucifer Rising. Excuse me while I have an art-history/victorian-enthusiast-geekgasm because I just adore the rococo design of the room :3 We finally find out or have our suspicions confirmed that Adam was just a bait to lure Dean in a vulnerable position so they can get him say yes to Michael.

Castiel brought Dean back and Dean is once again in the panic room but this time is handcuffed to the bed. Sam however uncuffs him because he still have faith in Dean “Because, you’re still my big brother.” I can finally see the brothers close to become as they were in the first seasons of the show. Castiel takes the Winchesters to the heaven room, located not on Jupiter but in an abandoned warehouse in Van Nuys, California. Castiel says that there must be at least five angels in there and then proceeds onto taking them all so as to let Sam and Dean smuggle Adam out. Before he goes in lets Dean know once more that he has no faith in him anymore and doesn’t want to stick around to see him fail.  He goes in and takes out one angel and then does the biggest badassery sacrfice I have ever seen since Spike’s sacrifice on Buffy. He opens up his shirt and we see he has carved an angel banishing sigil into his chest. He casts the banishment and disappears as well. Dean goes into the room and finds Adam on the floor, blood dripping out of his mouth. Adam is incredulous about Dean coming for him. Zach shows up mocking Dean that he didn’t come unprepared but neither did Dean. Sam attempts to ambush Zach but fails and Zach now has both of Dean’s brothers coughing up blood. Dean breaks and tells “Yes” to Zach and he starts chanting in delighted Enochian to call Michael. This has to be my favourite part of the episode. When they have us dead sure that Dean is gonna be angelmeat he lightly smirks and WINKS AT SAM. Zach announces that Michael is on his way and then Dean drops his bomb. He has conditions and Zach isn’t gonna like them. There are a few people whose safety Zach has to guarantee before Dean says yes. But most of all… Michael can’t have Dean until he disintegrates Zach. Zach freaks out claiming Michael would never kill him but Dean says that after Zach delivers him to Michael he will just be a red shirt. Zach though is extremely sure of himself.

“Michael’s not gonna kill me.” Zach claims as he come nose to nose with Dean “Maybe not.” Dean replies, “but I AM” he then produces the badass blade that can kill the angels and Zach kicks the bucket. A moment which I enjoyed right to the roots of my hair. The Winchesters make a run for it since Michael is soon to be there but Adam is too late to escape the room. We see him turning to look at Michael but we didn’t see whether his eyes burned up or he eventually became Michael’s vessel.

Sam and Dean are in the Impala and Dean is explaining to Sam why he stepped out. It’s because he’s still all for the  family. “[Sam has] always been this snot-nosed kid that I’ve had to keep on the straight and narrow.[…] If you’re grown up enough to find faith in me least I could do is return the favor. So screw destiny right in the face. I say we take the fight to them and do it our way.” The episode ends in the best way possible for me, the brothers reconciled with promises for a fantastic season finale!

SPN: The 100th episode’s plot, teaser and clips!!

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100 episodes are a big deal about a show. It’s like the silver anniversary of a wedding. The next Supernatural episode is #100 and it is greatly anticipated by the show’s fans. It’s called “Point of No Return” and here’s the plot and some videos from it!

Dean begins to think the only way to stop Lucifer is to say yes to Michael, but the angels decide they don’t need him anymore. Dean, Sam and Castiel are horrified at the angels’ new game plan and take on Zachariah to prevent an all out war on Earth. Meanwhile, a familiar face returns.


Sneak Peak

I would disown my parents if they named me that!

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Are you tired of seeing the stars naming their kids crazy names like Apple and Brooklyn? Get ready for a great big shock then! Namipedia says that names like Sookie, Castiel and Atreyu are currently the hottest baby names!  Namipedia’s top 10 girls and boys names of 2010 so far show parents may be huge fans of LOST. As much as I might like several names in shows (Castiel, Damon, Willow, Dana, Hiro) I would NEVER name my child something from a show unless it was an ordinary name like Jack, Daniel, Samantha, Peter etc. A name is like a tattoo but you’re deciding for someone else. Please don’t ruin your children’s lives!

SPN: 5×17 99 Problems Recap [Spoilers]

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And now onto Supernatural!

My GOD what an episode that was 😮 First of all I went in fangirl mode because of Michael Shanks. I am very fond of him and it was nice to see him again! This has to be one of the best and most EPIC episodes of Season 5. It reminded me a lot of the 2nd& 3rd season and compared to last week’s mild episode this was right the fix I needed!

The episode begins with the brothers clearly scared, being chased by something. Sam is injured and there’s a road block ahead. As they halt demons appear out of nowhere and pull them out of the car. Out of the blue, though the demons are driven away by nothing less than a FIRE BRIGADE TRUCK FILLED WITH HOLY WATER!!!! LMAO xD I loved that part. The group of people not only manages
to drive the way the demons with Holy Water, they also know how to exorcise them! Turns out it is a whole town of hunters, led by Leah the daughter of the town’s priest who claims the angels talk to her and Dean identifies her as a prophet.

After Leah gets a vision about a demons’ nest the whole town goes on a brutal hunt, including the Winchesters. The hunt is successful and a teen guy, Dylan, asks if he can ride back on the Impala. The brothers agree and share a beer but suddenly a demon appears, pulls Dylan under the car. The brothers quickly kill the demon but it is too late for the young man. Back into town, Dylan’s mother blames the brothers and Leah convinces the town they’re punished because of the unbelievers and sets onto putting the town under new rules: no drinking, no smoking, no out-of-wedlock sex, saying that if they follow those rules they will be granted access to paradise on Earth as well as have their loved ones resurrected. Sam comments that they banned pretty much 90% of their personality but Dean stuns him by saying
they’ll all die soon anyway so it doesn’t matter.

Sam tries to reach Castiel but only manages to get his voicemail. He then sets off to the bar, despite the new rules, and talks to the barkeeper who tells him he isn’t a believer. They share a drink and then it’s
curfew time and Sam goes back to the hotel where he confronts Dean, telling him that knowing he has his back is the only thing keeping him going.

Dean leaves despite curfew and heads to the bar where he finds the barkeeper being attacked by townsfolk. Leah had another vision and now the angels want to get rid of all the unbelievers. He doesn’t want to leave his hometown though and the priest tries to calm everyone down. Out of nowhere Dylan’s mother shoots the barkeeper, killing him.

Castiel appears at the hotel. He is horribly drunk, having drained a whole liquor store. Dean arrives and
fills them in about what happened at the bar. Castiel says that Leah isn’t a prophet as he has all the prophets names imprinted on his mind and she’s not one of them. Instead, she is the Whore of Babylon and her purpose is to condemn as many souls as possible to Hell before D-Day and that she probably killed Leah a long time ago. She can only be killed by a true servant of God, using a carved piece of Babylonian wood.

Lacking a true servant of God, Castiel being a fallen angel, Dean is not a believer and Sam is an abomination, they try to recruit Leah’s father. He, of course, refuses at first but then admits that she’s not acting like his daughter and agrees to kill her.

At the compound they find her and her followers having locked up all of the “unbelievers” and intend to burn them all, including the children. The Winchesters, Castiel and the priest attack her but they’re unable to harm her as she possesses some kind of telekinetic powers. Dean fights with her and at the last second stabs her with the Babylonian Stake. To everyone’s surprise she dies.

Sam asks Dean how he did that but Dean says he doesn’t know. Sam is clearly panicked and wants to know if Dean is going to say yes to Michael. Dean says, “Do you really think I’d do that?” but his face speaks volumes and Sam is terrified. They return at the hotel where they tend to the priest’s wounds. Dean offers to bring more bandages but drives off in the Impala instead, leaving Sam behind.

Dean arrives at a house, and rings the doorbell. Lisa (3×02 The Kids are alright) answers. Dean asks how she’s doing and she says she’s doing good, but wants to know what he’s doing there. He tells her things are about to get really, really bad. She wants to know if it’s related to what he does and he admits it is. He tells her that he’s never really been happy, but when he imagines himself happy it’s always with her and Ben. She’s overwhelmed by that revelation and invites him in but Dean says he can’t and he just came to say goodbye. She tells him he’s scaring her, and she again asks him to come in and that whatever he’s thinking about doing, he has to think twice about. He tells her he’s not giving in without some guarantees, and one of them is that Lisa and Ben will be kept safe.

The episode ends implying Dean is finally going to say yes to Michael. He is sick of having people die all around him has seen Heaven and he has seen Hell and also what people would be able to do to earn a place in Heaven. There is no help and he doesn’t see a way out. There’s only a thing he can do to help at least lessen the damage. He can’t feel family with Sam anymore (ever since the last episode) having witnessed that Sam was happier when he was away from him and their dad. What he fails to see is that Sam doesn’t want to go away anymore but tries to cling onto what’s left of his family- ie Dean. Something tells me that we won’t escape a showdown between the brothers and that both are going to agree to become vessels. The season is approaching its end and the episodes are bound to be ridden with action and cliffhangers! I REALLY can’t wait for the next episode!

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