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Supernatural 5×22 Swan Song recap

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Before I start the recap I must say that no matter how many more seasons SPN gets, I’ll always consider this the real ending much like Threads was the real ending of Stargate SG-1 for me.

Both the Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries finales didn’t want to be watched. My internet was retarded as I mentioned to you on Friday morning so I couldn’t get hold of the episode. After a lot of cursing and kicking inanimate objects and swearing at the stupid frakers who chose to mess up with the net lines, I managed to find the episodes on rapidshare and oh jolly good holy cow of internet! The speed was stable and high even with a free download 😮 I’m never going back to torrents… Anyway so I put on the episode to watch (greek subs had already been uploaded much to my hubby’s delight) and we were (expectedly) greeted by Carry on My Wayward Son by Kansas. I have an unhealthy obsession with this song. It also makes me get all shivery and tearry and of course prepare the ground for another epic season finale.

After the road so far a kinda out of place narration about cars came up. At that point I started thinking that I might have gotten a fake file but then of course the Metallicar was mentioned. And apparently the Impala is currently the single most importan thing in the universe. WTF o_O My hubby speculated it is going to be Lucifer’s cage but I said “No way.”

We see Dean and Sam sharing a beer and Dean agrees to Sam’s plan to trap Lucifer. They gather around four gallons of demon blood and the Winchesters, Cas and Bobby set out to meet up with the devil in Detroit. Sam mentions that should he succeed he would be trapped in Hell along with Lucifer and has to make Dean promise not to attempt to bring him back (probably selling his soul again in the process).  Horrified, Dean refuses, but Sam stands his ground.  He tells Dean that he should find Lisa and settle into a normal family life, white fence and all that jazz. Sam then proceeds to say goodbye to Bobby and Castiel emotional and hilarious goodbyes, respectively and then gulps down the demon blood. Ew.

We get an interlude of Chuck, narrating, explaining about all the tidbits that made the Impala special, including a soldier Sam crammed into an ashtray some Lego Dean shoved up the heater and the brothers carving their initials on the car. We also find out that on clear sky nights the Winchesters beers at hand stargazed for hours. And then it dawned on me WHY the Impala is important and what role it would play.

The Winchesters and co set off to find Luci and when they do Sam tells him he’s there to sa yes which surprises Luci. It’s one thing for your resume to say you made the devil feel surprised! Sam does some epic demon killing to prove he’s ready but then Luci spills thahem that he knew all along about their plans with the Horsemen’s rings.  Dean wants out of the plan since they no longer hold the element of surprise, but Sam doesn’t think it matters since he’s going to have to battle Luci’s will anyway.  Sam says the definite and final yes and Lucifer jumps him. Dean manages to open the chasm and runs to check on the still unconscious Sam who comes to and seems ready to jump in the pit. And here I am thinking the rest of the episode will take place inhell. I was wrong. Thank God. It turns out it’s been Lucifer all along since he came to and was only messing with Dean. Jared Padalecki has some serious hot acting going on. You really see in his eyes that he goes over to the cookies of the darkside . Brrrr.

Leaving Dean in despair Luci pops out and proceeds to play with his world sandbox. Cas and Bobby want to give up, as there is little to no hope left, but Dean of course won’t give away Sammy so easily.  He calls Chuck, who reveals that the showdown between Michael and Lucifer will take place in a graveyard outside of -where else really? – Lawrence, Kansas.  As Chuck said, it needs to end where it began.

To be honest I expected a big showdown between Luci and Mike. I wasn’t disappointed with the way they chose to go though.  Samcifer meets with Adamichael in the graveyard and the two brothers talk. Lucifer tells his brother that they don’t need to fight – that they should stop letting their father (God) order them around.  Michael who’s uber loyal disagrees. They sound awfully like Sam and Dean over John. But we’ve done that parallel before.

And here comes Dean on his black stallion Impala. Dean wants to talk to Sam, but Michael tells him to sod off. Then Castiel appears and tosses a holy molotov on Michael (using my new favourite insult – assbutt) incinerating him for the time being, buying Dean time to speak to Samcifer. Luci though is pissed because noone fraks with his brother but him and blows Cas up. We’re talking meatgrinder deal. For the second time. Dean is still trying to reach out to Sam, trying to make him take his body’s wheel but then Lucifer decides to throw Dean on the Impala windshield (which breaks – OW) that triggers Bobby to -stupidly- shoot Lucifer with the Colt which does squat. Lucifer,  pissed breaks Bobby’s neck.

😐 I expected Castiel OR Bobby. Not both. Dammit!

Lucifer beats Dean up into next week but Dean tells Sammy that he’s not going to leave him. If Sam is to die, Dean is tagging along.  He’s not even fighting back.   And it’s Dean face, filled with emotional pain and love for his little brother paired with a bit of sunshine flaring on the Impala’s chromes into Lucifer’s eyes, a glance at the toy soldier  that finally reaches Sam. We are hit with a wave of flashbacks (including my favourite brother moment of them singing Dead or Alive) that show how close the brothers really are. They never had anyone than each other for their whole lives and now it’s all rushing through Sam’s mind, helping him break to the surface.  He ends up panting as Dean sits bleeding and broken on the ground and tells Dean it’s all gonna be alright.

Sam opens the portal to Hell himself just as Michael returns and tells Lucifer that they will fight and that it is their destiny. But Dean worded it well in Point of no Return. “Screw destiny right in the face. I say we take the fight to them and do it our way.” Sam obviously agrees with this statement and grabs Michael dragging him along in the pit.

At this point the avi decided to freeze on me *golfclap* I told you this ep didn’t want to be watched 😐 And I found mysefl annoyingly tearry realising that maybe Sam wouldn’t be returning for season 6…

Dean still on the ground where his brother disappeared into Hell, obviously pained, now alone. COmpletely alone. He’s lost everyone. Wait no- Cas had returned and his angel mojo is back. Dean asks Cas if he’s God but Cas says no. (shoot, there goes one of my theories) Cas heals Dean’s severaly damaged body and then ressurects Bobby.

Cas thinks he’ll return to Heaven now.  With Michael gone and God still missing, the chain of command is likely broken and someone needs to put things in a line.

We once again are treated by Chuck’s narration telling us that Bobby and Dean part ways and will not see each other again for a long time. We’re promised Bobby will resume his normal hunter duties by next week.

Dean heads off to Lisa’s house and settles in.  We see him sitting at the table with Ben and Lisa obviously pained but still in one piece. It seems as if the episode ends as the camera zooms out of the window. Outside Lisa’s house we see a streetlight flicker off and there is Sam, looking in on his brother. And the episode ends leaving us to bite our nails for the whole of the summer until we find out what’s in store for the Winchesters. Will Sam believe that Dean finally got the normal family life he always wanted and won’t tell him he’s alive? And how the eff is Sam back?

After he was done narrating and writing the story of the Winchesters and the Apocalypse, we see Chuck one more time. Clad in a white shirt he simply smiled and disappeared into thin air. My husband exclaimed “Oh, so He is God!” and I wholeheartedly agree. I think God was helping the boys a little but let it on their free will. Now that their free will has been proven victorious it is time to aid themby returning Cas and (probably) Sammy. There are theories that Sammy is a ghost. Could he be a ghost in Season 6 like Spike was on Angel?

My lappy battery is running out so I will end this recap here. You can find screenshots of the episode in a previous post.

Goodnight 🙂

Supernatural 5×22 Swan Song Screencaps

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Supernatural: 5×21 Two Minutes to Midnight (late and spoilery) recap

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The lies are over folks. We have reached the penultimate episode of Supernatural’s fifth season.

Pestilence has moved to Iowa, where he’s playing doctor at a nursing home or hospital and giving the patients all sorts of nasty diseases. Dengue Fever, Japanese Encephalitis and the Chicken Pox to name a few. Luckily Pesty isn’t as gross as he was the last time we saw hi- Yes, thanks for the green vomit pal. In the words of wise Giles “You’ve ruined food for me”.

A day earlier the brothers have returned to Bobby’s house before heading off to find Pestilence. Sam apparently has told Dean about his possible plan to say yes to Lucifer to trap him back in the cage. Yay! Step one for brother re-bonding :3 I still think this is a BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD plan and it seems Dean agrees with me. It might be my soft spot for Sam or it might be REALITY KICKING IN!! The phone rings and it is -OMG- Castiel! I missed that dude so much. He’s alive but in a hospital and feels incredibly…human. Turns out the voodoo he worked the last time we saw him drained all his Angelic Mojo. The whole scene is hilarious when Cas describes the pain and itch 😀 Then Castiel apologises to Dean for not believing in him and tells him how proud he is Dean said no to Michael.

The boys head off to Pestilence’s current location in Iowa and take over the security office, trying to figure out which one is Pestilence. They eventually figure it out when he seems to have a buzz on the surveillance cameras following his head.. They try to sneak there but a demon recognises them And if you didn’t realise it was a demon before the eyes went black then you seriously haven’t been watching SPN long enough or enough at all! The demon-nurse notifies Pestilence (who’s still covered in green icky stuff ew ew ew EW!!!) about the boys and tells him they should leave because the Winchesters have a habit of offing horsemen but he decides to unleash the whole Pandora’s Box on them despite Lucifer’s wish/command that the vessels aren’t to be harmed. If Lucy wants them then he can glue them back together. Bwahaha. Right…

Pestilence pollutes the boys with several stuff like scarlet fever, meningitis, and syphilis (again ew) and they lie helpless on the floor, coughing up blood. Pestilence starts the villain talk about how beautiful and pure disease is and that the humans are the ones who are disgusting. Then we have a Deus ex machine, or should I say an angelus ex machina? 😛 That’s right! Castiel saves the day. He apparently got there by bus (LOL – I love that guy ♥) but is obviously affected by the disease spree which makes Pesty really happy since he realises he’s out of angel mojo. Castiel though, catches him off-guard and severs his ring finger. Whoa that was easy… Wasn’t it?  :S However, Pestilence doesn’t seem all too bothered by being several fingers short and disappears telling the guys that “It’s too late”. The guys are healed but are left clearly worried.

Back at Bobby’s place again where Bobby reveals that Death will be in Chicago and that he plans to lay waste to the city, killing 3 million people giving a shitload of details making the Winchesters wonder how he knows so much. The Crowley Tadas and tells them that Bobby did “loan” his soul for Death’s location. Crowley says he will give it back and he seems honest. As honest as a demon can get 😐 The only thing Sam manages to blurt out is whether Bobby kissed Crowley to which Bobby replies a repulsed “NO!”. I was in the middle of telling my hubby that Crowley must have made the bank guy (earlier in the season) to kiss him because he was homophobic but didn’t finish my sentnce as I snorted up my soda when Crowley popped an iPhone and showed the guys the picture of Bobby kissing him, tongue and all LMAO. I cry xD

Sam seems to have mutated into a very calm, down to earth and modest version of himself and admits to Dean that he might be too weak to take on Lucifer and win and contrary to his whole annoying attitude in season 4 (I STILL LOVE YOU SAMMY) he thinks the others are way better men than he. However him saying yes seems like the only plan. Crowley interrupts them and tells them that Niveus Pharmaceuticals (Brady’s medicine company, remember?) will be shipping its swine flu vaccine across the country which is spiked with the croatoan virus. Bwahahaha I didn’t get a vaccine against swine flu! EAT THAT! (Although I did catch swine flu and survived it, rendering the vaccine useless on moi)

Did you watch the promo/commercial with the “O Death” song?  Yup, it showed up in this episode, completely  with music and all Death is strolling in Chicago offing passer bys. The unlikely group splits up: Crowley and Dean are off to Chicago to get Death’s ring, while Sam, Bobby and Castiel are going to try to stop the croatoan virus. Sam muses about when times were simple and they only hunted down ghosts and wendigos. Then out of NOWHERE Crowley hands Dean a scythe that can supposedly kill Death. Well, Death’s own scythe. Then, again out of NOWHERE Crowley reveals he has given Bobby back his walking mojo as part of the deal! Bobby’s back bitch!! And he obviously is very happy, so happy that he spends the night going up and down stairs lmao.

Castiel reveals that he believes Sam’s crazy plan might work because he thinks that Sam might be able to resist Lucifer but warns him that to take in Lucifer, Sam would have to drink gallons of demon blood… Then he drops the (well, expected) bomb: Michael has found another vessel and it is no one other than Adam. I expect Adam will die (again) in the finale cause I really find it unlikely to have him join Sam and Dean in the next season. Sorry man, you apparently are a red shirt.

Bobby, Sam and Castiel arrive on the Niveus warehouse and  come up with an elaborate plan soon to be obsolete because a shipment is leaving earlier than they thought. Sam and Bobby enter the warehouse and off the zombies. Sam helps the civilians escape (and boy was he Hot in that scene. I LOVE YOU JARED!! Hahaha)  Eventually they manage to destroy the virus and then it is Chicago time!

Dean and Crowley arrive in Chicago, but it turns out Crowley was wrong about Death’s exact location but then he accidentally finds him in a pizzeria. Must be a killer pizza. Dean’s intend to enter the restaurant quitely fails since we’re talking about Death himself now, not some kind of reaper. Death then quickly reclaims the scythe from Dean and invites him to join him for pizza. For a moment there I thought he was going to ask Dean to play chess and Dean would curse that Sam wasn’t along 😛  We learn that Death is the oldest of all the horsemen and possibly even older than God and declares that one day he will reap God  as well :S He is also uberly miffed that Lucifer has somehow managed to bind Death to his will. One of the oldest entities in the universe bound to a fallen angel on a tantrum. Nice.  Then (as I expected) Death offers Dean a deal. He will give Dean his ring in order to trap Lucifer again, as well as instructions on how to do so and in exchange, Dean will have to whatever it takes to defeat Lucifer even if that means that he has to allow Sam to say yes to Lucifer.  Dean agrees, but Death warns him not to make false promises, you can’t cheat death after all.

Dean is back in Bobby’s yard, playing around with the four horsemen rings, which are magnetised to each other.Bobby comes along and Dean realises that he made Death a promise he never planned to keep when he agreed to use Sam to defeat Lucifer. Bobby tells Dean that he thinks they may be too hard on Sammy and that he might be more capable of defeating Lucifer than they thought.  He wonders what Dean is more scared of, losing the war or losing his brother? Well duh, what do you think?

The episode ends leaving the boys to deal with a shitload of stuff for the season finale. I really hope they wrap up the arch in season 5 and won’t drag it onto season 6. I’ll be very disappointed if they do 😐 I was very happy at the steadily rebuilding relationship of the brothers. I also loved that they didn’t kill Death. It would seem a bit arrogant I guess. It was a very nice episode. I especially loved the part that lightnings lit up Death’s face making him look ominous and cold(er)

‘Supernatural’ to ‘become more personal’ – Spoilers

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The executive producer of Supernatural has revealed more details about the upcoming season finale.

Speaking to TV Guide magazine, Sera Gamble confirmed that the episode will see Sam and Dean face Lucifer and Michael.

“Things don’t look so good for our guys,” Gamble said, adding that a “beloved character” will die during the finale.

She continued: “[Sam and Dean] are trying to rally for what feels like an impossible fight and, as is so often the case on our show, if our guys do win, it would come at a terrible personal cost.”

Gamble also revealed that she is looking forward to working on the sixth season of the show.

“We’ll go intimate and personal and, now that we’ve buttoned up the big destiny versus free will debate, explore a whole new set of questions,” she said. “We’re chomping at the bit.”

Supernatural Swan Song sneak peek

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Will Sam say yes to Lucifer? I personally believe he will  and it’s gonna be brother showdown :PpP

Click here to read Zap2it’s article on Supernatural’s fifth season finale.  HUGE SPOILERS

Supernatural Stills of 5×22 Swan Song!!

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Supernatural: 5×19 Hammer of the Gods recap

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Welcome to the hotel california
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face


Ok, now that I got your attention I should say up front that I loved the last SPN episode so if you hated it stop reading now cause I enjoyed it much and I’m very cranky when people disagree with me, lol 😀

The episode starts with an apparently abandoned hotel. The first dude we meet in the hotel shouts “Dead man walking” all over the place and sure enough a  bellboy appears and kills him before the splash screen and apparently the dude is the… dinner o__O

Sam and Dean drive in a storm and arrive at the (now fully illuminated) Elysian Fields Hotel. The place looks far from abandoned and quite at the luxurious side of the road. A man checks them in and points that Dean has a shaving nick which seems very weird since Dean hadn’t noticed before. He then directs them to the all-you-can-eat 24 hour buffet with the best pie in the tri-state. As a good spn fan knows pie in SPN=trouble. As Dean is eating, Sam, insists they should hit the road despite the storm but Dean insists he’s not giving up and they go to their room. On the way they bump into a couple kissing in the hallway and Dean wears a really silly smile on his face 😛

The brothers’ room turns out really polished and even includes porn, chocolate and funky beds. Sam wonders why there’s a four-star hotel in the middle of nowhere. They hear the couple in the room next door and the wall shakes with a heavy impact. They go tocheck if everything’s okay but the couple seems to have disappeared. Dean finds a wedding ring but nothing else. They talk to the clerk, who informs them that the Logans have checked out andputs the ring in the lost and found. The Winchesters of course, don’t buy it and split up to investigate. Sam follows the clerk, who disappears in a dead-end hallway but as he looks around, Sam feels a pinch on his neck and discovers a cut very similar to the one Dean had when they checked in. In the meantime, Dean is searching the hallways (with my long lost beloved  EMF meter ♥♥ I missed you buddy!!) when he walks past an elephant and of course sees nothing but a man when he doublechecks.

A very attractive woman (who Dean tried to hit on earlier) and a man are talking when the clerk comes in and informs them that everyone is there and that he’s stolen the brothers’ blood. (AHA!)  Tada! Turns out to be Mercury ( I was really disappointed they chose the Roman name instead of the Greek Hermes… 😥  )

Dean tells Sam what he saw and they discover that they’re locked up in the Hotel California and everyone else has gone. They go to the kitchen and Dean checks the soup in which despite his wishes are not tomatoes but human eyeballs. Sam checks out the walk-in freezer and several people start pounding on the window. OK I expected this because of the tone the music had but it still scared the crap out of me 😛 Two men appear and force the brothers to the main ballroom. The main guests are there, wearing hello stickers (LMAO) with their names on and it (duh) turns out they’re all Gods. Some of them: Ganesh, Kali, Odin, Baldur, Baron Samedi and several others who didn’t mention their name.(this reminded me so much of my beloved SG-1 and the Goa’uld) Mercury arrives and serves the really gross severed head of the security guard. Baldur then announces that their guests of honor, the Winchesters, have arrived.

Everyone sits and Baldur reminds everyone that rampant slaughtering of each other isn’t allowed as they’re supposed to put their disagreements aside and look to the future. There’s a really funny sequence where the Gods argue about whose apocalypse is better (apart from the Christian one the Norse is my fave, sorry rest of religions 😛 ) and Dean and Sam try to slip away but Kali, stops them and says that the angels will only understand violence. When Mercury suggests talking she makes him bleed until Baldur stops her. My favourite villain of all times (bar the YED) Gabriel aka Loki aka The Trickster suddenly arrives but the Gods don’t seem to know he’s an archangel. Gabriel admits that they can’t stop the Apocalypse and then teleports Sam and Dean to their room so the grown ups can talk in private. The brothers are extremely freaked out and uber boned and figure they should free the prisoners. Just then Gabriel teleports in and explains that he’s there to save them because he and Kali have history. Sam suggests that they might have the gods fight Lucifer but Gabriel warns that they don’t stand a chance. When Dean suggests Gabriel sneak them out, he explains that they’re leashed to the hotel by a blood spell.

Gabriel appears in Kali’s room and flirts with her, those two obviously have history and Gabriel wasn’t lying. Dean and Sam try to sneak out through the ballroom, but can only watch as the gods kill one of the human guests. Gabriel suggests that they should run and there’s no way that they can fight. Kali insists that she has to, and they kiss. Sam tries to pick the lock of the freezer but Zao Jun attacks him.However, Dean sneaks up on him and manages to stab him in the chest. Gabriel tries to get the brothers’ vials of blood, but Kali scratches him with her fingernails and says that he’s hers (Gabriel is mine! :P).

Dean and Sam are brought back to the ballroom with Gabriel and Kali explains that she knew who Gabriel is all along, and that he has something she wants. She takes his archangel blade and tells everyone who he is. Gabriel explains that he’s a runaway but Kali insists that there are billions of other gods that were there first and if someone is going to frak up the world it has to be her. She then stabs Gabriel in the chest with his archangel blade and he apparently dies. With no other options left, Dean gets up and tells the Gods that he’s going to help them kill Lucifer by summoning the Prince of Darkness but they have to let the human guests go. The gods agree but as Dean helps them out he sees Gabriel hiding in the Impala. Ha, did you really believe he was gone that easilyq Cause I didn’t =) Gabriel explains that it was a fake sword but he needs Dean to get the blood and free them all. Dean suggests Gabriel should help them because they are all out of other options. Gabriel declares he’s going to leave, but Dean says it takes one to know one, and he knows Gabriel still cares about them. Gabriel admits he can’t kill his brother, but Dean asks if he can’t or won’t. When Gabriel doesn’t answer, Dean figures he’s right and leaves.

Sam tells Kali to remove the sigils from his ribs so Lucifer can find him. But before she can do it Dean arrives and tells them that Gabriel tricked them and that the sword would have no effect on Luci. Summoned or not by rinbs or a phonecall, Lucifer arrives at the front desk and Mercury is expecting him. Being who he is he has betrayed everyone and summoned Lucifer out of fear of what the other gods would do. Lucifer is unimpressed, comments on how the pagan gods are so petty, and snaps Mercury’s without a second thought. So much for being fast Merc.

In the ballroom, the lights flicker and Lucifer easily smashes his way through the other gods and starts killing them off one by one. Whne it is Kali’s turn she bursts into flames to defend herself. Lucifer however smashes her and is about to kill her when Gabriel appears with Sam and Dean, gives them a porn DVD and tells them to guard it with their lives (ROFLMFAO). He then smashes Lucifer back and helps Kali up, wielding the archangel’s blade. He tells Sam and Dean to get her out, while Lucifer notes that he’s slumming. Gabriel accuses him of playing the victim even though God loved him more than any other angel until God created his new baby, humans. Now it’s time to grow up.

Outside, Dean and Sam drive away with Kali as the storm grows. Inside, Gabriel says that he doesn’t care about Michael either, and that his loyalty is to people in the meantime a second Gabriel is sneaking up on Luci. Lucifer though turns and kills the real Gabriel with his blade, ignoring the illusion Gabriel. He finishes off his brother (for good this time) and looks down on his corpse, crying.

Apparently the day after, Dean and Sam stop off to watch Gabriel’s porn movie on their laptop. Gabriel is the actor in the movie, and then turns to tell Sam and Dean what the hell is going on. The pre-recorded message explains that he’s dead and they’ve got no chance of killing Lucifer. However, he explains that the cage that they sprung Lucifer from can still hold him, if they can get the cage open and trick Lucifer back into it while avoiding the angels. Most importantly, the four keys to the cage are out there: the four Rings of the Horsemen. If they can get all four rings, they can contain him. The brothers finally have some luck on their side as they already have two rings, and they just need the rings of Pestilence and Death. Hooray!

In a small shop, a store clerk is preparing to swat a fly when a man in a green car walks into the hotel. He coughs, sneezes repeatedly, and covers everything in snot and flies. I kept the entire time inverting my eyes and shouting insults to the telly while this dude was on. I read elsewhere, cause I couldn’t stand watching it that he bought some flu medicine and sneezes on the clerk. EW EW EW EW! USE A HAND YOU ASS!  As he leaves in his rusty car, there’s a swarm of flies in the car around him. His license plate reads SIKN TRD (sick and tired). Hello Pestilence, it was not a pleasure meeting you. YUCK. You made my hypohondriac cells take over my entire body D:


When I love a show, I love it for a reason and I usually stand up for it even if I believe the episode sub-par. As I said, I’m no critic, I’m just a fangirl/enthusiast/geek who wants to discuss her favourite shows. I feel obliged to write these things because I read some reviews on Hammer of the Gods and seems that several people found it outrageous and too much. Well I didn’t. I love SPN to pieces and I even stuck to it through the emoville phase. Maybe it’s the fact that I like the brothers’ chemistry that much. Maybe it’s the fantastic music of the show and maybe, just maybe, it has to do with my addiction to the paranormal and supernatural culture/stories/legends since I was very young that makes me adore this show.

I really liked Hammer of the Gods it had the right amounts of creepy, funny and lore to make me twitch for more. I will probably watch it again tomorrow (while I wait for Doctor Who) but I am sure this has made it into my favourite episodes list. I admit that it didn’t top the AMAGADFANTASTIC Point of no return but not all episodes can be that epic. Geek TV rates Hammer of the Gods a 9 which is absolutely symbolic as I don’t do ratings. With those out of the way, it is time for picspam!!

The following picspam is rated PG15 as it contains some gorey images

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